Danish Cartoonist attacked

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    I see that the Danish cartoonist, 74-year-old Kurt Westergaard, was attacked in his home by a 28 year old ax-wielding Somali man with suspected ties to al-quida. Westergaard had a safe room prepared, and went there while police came to the scene and shot the perp twice when he attacked them instead of surrendering. But he survived, so no virgins for him today.

    The attack was due to a cartoon Westergaard published five years ago that was objectionable to Muslims, and caused several embassies to be burned in Muslim countries in protest.

    The reaction from Somalia:

    In Somalia, Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage, a spokesman for the Somali group al-Shabab, denied the man was member of the group, but supported his alleged attack on the cartoonist.

    "We welcome the brave action he did," Rage said. "It was a good and brave step taken by that Somali man against the criminal cartoonist — we liked it."

    He described Westergaard as "the devil who abused our Prophet Muhammad" and called on "all Somalis in Denmark and around the world to target him and the people like him, too."

    And the cartoon that is causing all of this?
    Muhammad, with a bomb for a turban:

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    Wow - this is the first I've seen this cartoon. I plan to send it, along with the details, to everyone I know! Thanks.

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    I just don't understand it.

    The world is FILLED with humorous slander against God -
    It is on TV, billboards, e-mails, etc. virtually DAILY.
    But none of it has ever caused me to have a burning desire to kill the originator, nor am I aware of any of it having that effect on anyone else.

    I guess I sort of figure that if God is offended, he has the power to handle the situation without my intervention. He has done so in the past, after all - -
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    I don't know what to say. I guess I would not like it if some Muslim portrayed my religion in a negative way, I would not be friendly toward them at all, but that wouldn't make me flip out and attack the person. They're entitled to their opinions. Right?
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  5. Yep, that sounds real peaceful, alright:rolleyes:
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    Terry, I can relate.

    I just chalk it up to them being muslims, plain and simple. By the way, have you read anywhere about the people that think that was a cowardice act?


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    The enemy loves death -- far more than we love life.

    The enemy uses children as human bombs, mothers as suicide bombers, men driven by the glory of death and the promise of eternal sexual bliss in heaven...and martyrdom on earth. This is the enemy reality: murder and death of "infidels" by any means for the glory of Allah.

    The pain-rich attack of 9/11 changed most Americans lives forever, but it struck an especially sensitive chord with me. It reminded me that the entire world is under brutal threat and physical attack by the same radical Islamic ideology that massacred “infidels” in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War.

    The American Congress for Truth (ACT) was formed in June 2002 to clear away the fog of the brutal attack of September 11, 2001. Our purpose is to preserve our cherished values and freedoms.
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