Davis Industries model P-380

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    A buddy of mine sold me one of her matching Davis Industries P-380's (AP394715) (black) today and I'm really suprised and delighted with the accuracy and general fun factor this little gun delivers! I couldn't pass up a $50 pocket .380 to play with and it kills pop cans full of water _dead_ @ 20 yards. Now I won't wear out my Makarov. Had to work on the trigger some , It was almost 20 lbs., but cleaned right up.

    I know it's a cheapo, but boy is this fun! I'm gonna wear this one out.

    Soda cans beware!

  2. bewere.45

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    Apr 28, 2007
    huh just got a p.380 it is a cheapo but still fun for a pocket pistol

  3. rvillador

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    Apr 27, 2007
    This Davis Industries same as FI industries?
  4. Bill DeShivs

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    Apr 7, 2006
    F.I. has/had nothing to do with Davis Industries.
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    I just bought a Davis Industries P-380 today for $35.00 and it's in great shape! Perfect for my concealed carry purposes, our gunsmith looked it over and assured me it's top notch and was very well taken care of. Only annoying factor is putting it back together, very odd angle for spring fit. But as a woman, I feel safer carrying this little .380 in my purse than my 1911 on my hip :) Much less conspicuous lol
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    no disrespect intended but if your gunsmith declared the davis as "top notch" i'd find another smith. while functional at times they are highly problematic and not to be considered reliable. now before tons of replies show up here telling me about experiences with their davis or cobra ( same gun new name ) for every example of good of a good review i can show you 2 bad reviews. but if this is the gun you plan on using to protect your life, here is some advice. use only ball ammo, keep it well oiled, clean it after every use, and save your money for something better. remember these guns are not meant to be shot much and wear out quickly.
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    Nov 9, 2010
    I have a Davis Ind. .38 Spl. Derringer.I use to carry it as a S/D
    weapon.It's pretty cheap.Nickle plated.
    It would have served its purpose.I carry the little
    Ruger LCP now.Trigger pull on that derringer must
    have been at least 20 pounds.I took it to a smith,
    or should I say quack.I think it is like 18 now.He said
    it;s a lot better now huh?I said no.It's a keeper.
    I'd still feel comfortable with it being my S/D weapon
    in a tight close encounter.
  8. JustinHotHands

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    Jan 19, 2013
    Dangerous weapon to the user, not the target. The front of my slide blew right off while firing one day. Yes, it was well maintained. The are junk and dangerous.
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    An old posting but FYI

    Davis was one of the companies in the Los Angeles area back in the 1970's/1980's putting out very inexpensive firearms. The group was known as The Ring of Fire.

    Jennings was another one.

    The expression Saturday Night Special was coined by those folks.

    Plinking until it quits working 'might' be okay but don't bet your life on one!!!
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