Davis P-32 Semiauto pisto in .32 ACP

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  1. Friend has one, and can't figure out how to get it apart enough to clean it. I took a look at it and didn't see any easy button, lever, or whatnot to push or prod to get the slide off. Any ideas? Better yet, anyone got an instruction book that came with the thing that could be scanned or faxed?
  2. This site may help you a bit, user.


    I also found these instructions, user:

    You must first remove the magazine and make sure the chamber is empty.
    Then push in on the cylinder at the back of the slide (Retainer) and lift up on the slide. Make sure to keep control of the Retainer as it is under spring tension and can fly away. With the rear of the slide up, let it move forward over the barrel.

    The firing pin and firing pin spring can be now be removed. Make sure that the firing pin is replaced facing the same direction as when it was removed.
    Further disassembly is NOT recommended.
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  3. Great! Thanks! I'll relay the information.
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    There is an alternative method: Just shoot it alot. Eventually the slide propels itself off the back all by itself (seen it happen!). Just keep the gun well away from your body and head when you shoot it.

    The point is the Davis is almost the original Saturday Nite Special, meaning it is made of pot metal, rather poorly at that, and can be dangeous to shoot. Thanks to Davis, I think, we have this stupid Safety Certification Program in Califonia for any gun sold by a gun dealer that most certainly adds to the cost of guns sold in Califonia.

    Sorry to be so negative but Davis guns and those with other names made by members of the Davis family are truly unsafe guns. Recent ones may be better(???) since they have to pass that testing to be sold in Califonia and the last time I looked some Davis guns were on the list of acceptable guns for California sales (???).

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  5. The Davis pistols and derringers are JUNK, pure and simple LDB. Best use for them is as a paperweight after they have been rendered inoperable.
  6. rob the painter

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    i had one of these davis .32 pistols and i had to push the circle around the firing pin at rear of slide in fully then slide it back at the same time, hope that helps!
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    Got a winner there!!! :rolleyes:

    Company Facts:

    Davis Industries is one of six companies in southern Califonia known for manufacturing the majority of Saturday Night Special handguns, or "junk guns," in the United States. In a 1992 Wall Street Journal article, reporter Alix Freedman noted that Davis Industries was founded in 1982 by Jim Davis and his wife Gail. Gail Davis is the daughter of Saturday Night Special patriarch George Jennings. Wrote Freedman, "Low costs and high production are key....The popular Davis derringers account for about 25 percent of Davis's annual production...and they pay off all overhead, letting Jim Davis make pure profit from the rest of the product line."

    According to its promotional material, dealers, "Look to Davis for value....Davis Industries has been offering Americans one of the finest selections of affordable arms for personal protection for over ten years now." Davis handguns are made of an inexpensive die-cast zinc alloy and are sold at low prices—at or below $100. Davis' "smaller than palm-sized" .22, .25, and .32 Standard Series models are "handy little spitfires [that] list for just under $70!" The Journal reported that the Davis .380 pistol had a production cost of $15, a wholesale price of $55, a dealer price of $63 to $68, a retail price of $95 to $100, and an illegal street price of $150 to $600. One advertisement aimed at dealers states, "More than ever, Americans want value. They don't mind paying a fair price for quality goods—but the goods have to deliver on their promise...every Davis gun is priced to let you maintain a full profit markup and still give your customers a terrific deal. That's Value with a capital 'V.'"

    In 1995 Davis settled a product liability lawsuit brought by a first-time gun owner whose Davis P-380 pistol exploded while he was practicing with his new weapon. The man's hand was injured and a shell casing fragment lodged in his eye, requiring surgery. Davis settled for $40,000.

    According to the Detroit News, a 32-caliber Davis Industries semiautomatic pistol was allegedly used by a 6-year-old boy to shoot and kill his first grade classmate.

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  8. Thanks, again, all.

    I, myself, satisfied the small-gun need with a Kahr PM9. I don't buy these things every week, so the price of milk is actually a bigger kicker in my wallet than the difference in price between, say, a Beretta Bobcat, a Sig Mosquito, and a Kahr. Though Rohrbaugh's priced out of the "good value" range for me, the law of diminishing returns says, "you don't get as much good taste out of the eighth milkshake as you do the first". The incremental value added in guns like Rohrbaugh don't justify the increased cost, while the difference in value between guns like the Davis, Hawes, or Iver-Johnson, and any of the three I mentioned before is astronomical.
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    I almost bought a Davis pistol, but wised up and did some research because I really haven't heard of Davis. Then read the same artical williamd posted then said "No!".
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    hello im new and and need info regarding the davis 380. mine didnt come with a flippin book, then again it was free so...ya you wouldnt happen to know would ya, n e thing would be nice thanks.
  11. RJay

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    The instructions for the Davis .32 should be the same for yours, just read the above postings.
  12. Beian

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    Jul 24, 2009
    I was at my girlfriends house last night and we started to talk about handguns. She said that she has one but doesn't like it, and that it went off when she put it down the last time she picked it up.

    So I wanted to see it..any guy would =)

    She showed it to me and it was a Davis .32 I never seen one or herd of this gun before. I liked the heavy feel of it but couldnt understand why a hand gun would not have a slide lock or any good safety locks on it.

    After reading a good amount on these guns I am going to take her shopping tonight.

    Thank you all for your insight on these guns...soon to be a paperweight =)
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