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    After shooting today, I was cleaning guns by the pool, sippin beer when I noticed what looks like to be a hole or something in the barrel of my Deasert Eagle .50 A&E. I cant find any info on what it might be so if anybody knows what it is, please enlighten me. I dont know if my pic shows it as my camera suks.

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    I've never been able to look at a 50AE, so you'll have to tell me if I am correct here. It looks like the action rotates into the back of the barrel. If this is correct, is there a piece on the action that maybe has a spring loaded ball to help hold it in the correct poisiton or just gives it a little click or something?

  3. JLA

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    its a gas vent for just in case you have a ruptured primer or case head separation. It serves exactly the same purpose the hole in the right side of rem 700 and savage actions serves by directing the gasses away fromt the rear of the breech (which happens to be where the N***A behind the trigga is). keeps you from getting a face full of hot gas by venting the gasses into the frame of the pistol.
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    Appreciate the answer. Makes sense. Now how do you tell if it is plugged up or not? I used the air compressor but cant tell if air goes through the vent. That area gets pretty crudded up while shooting. I cant find an exit hole anywhere.:confused:
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