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    Good day all! Well, another deer season is behind us here in Iowa, & a wierd one it was! New group of friends, new hunting grounds, cool results...thought I'd post a report on our various knives here because, well, this is where it belongs:D
    First off, there were about 7 different brands present here @ the Lazy K. I carry a Dozier D2 Master Hunter, my Dad has a Buck Vanguard with a "zipper", we also had a CRKT, a Winchester, a Benchmade fixed, a Schrade Sharpfinger, & a couple off brand knives.
    Everyone got a deer except Dad, & I got 3, so everyone got to clean something. We had 2 guys who had never hunted before, so we all got to help them with gutting & cleaning theirs.
    I have to say, I was surprised with the Winchester & Benchmade knives. They werent printed with what steel they were made from, & the Benchmade was China-made, but they both held an edge fairly well, only needing touched up after their animals were done. Didnt like the Benchmade's blade shape (clippoint) for gutting, as it was too easy to get into the paunch. Both Dad's Buck & my Dozier were the best for splitting the sternum, but for different reasons. That Vanguards factory edge is wicked sharp & went through like butter! The Dozier was almost as sharp, & much heavier. Made little work of all three of my deer without resharpening! I have to say, (& I know I've said it before!) for my money, you just cant buy a better working knife than what Bob makes down in Arkansas! I know they are a bit pricey at around 200.00ea, but they hold an edge amazingly well, & are much easier to sharpen than anything else I have tried. The 4 I have all fit my hand like they were made for it, & they are very sturdy, solid knives.
    The newbies all did well, stopping & starting as they all do the first time, but everyone left deercamp with fresh meat & a new appreciation for hunting! I will post a full deercamp report in the general forum @ halftime(there were a couple great stories!) of the Minny/Dallas game!

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