Deleting God.

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    Exactly why do you think is such a pressure to "delete" GOD in your society. This is one of the few things I don't like about U.S.
    El Salvador's flag has the words : "Dios, UniĆ³n, Libertad" (God, Union, Freedom) on it. That had not been necesarily true in our History, (specially the last two), but I certainly like the principle!!
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    Oct 6, 2004
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    If you want a good read on this subject read Ann Coutlers latest book. Godless.

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    That's a terrific book. I couldn't put it down!!!!!
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    I too could not put down the book. It hits the nail square on the head. I love Ann Coulter!

    Because of some very liberal interpretations of our constitution and the many different religions in our country, the liberal left thinks that we are not supposed to recognize God outside of our churches or whatever.
  5. Ursus

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    Still, what are the basis for these interpretations? Don't tell me that's how they understand "Religious Freedom"!!!
  6. Good Question Ursus.
    My .02 worth.... Because we have Freedom of Religion, we also have Freedom from Religion. In the last 10 years or so, the Liberal Left Media has attempted to unsterilize American life w/ "Political Correctness". This gives any minority group permission to make a stink about anything they disagree with. Because the Media, to make & sell news, needs to exploit those concerns & blow them out of proportion. What the Majority wants is of no concern, that does not make a profit. So while 14% of Americans want to delete GOD from our society, The Media has to make sure the other 86% of us are aware of it & should get so concerned, that we should change our minds....NOT!:mad:
  7. I think they are trying to delete God so they don't worry about tickin off the other folks all I can say is they are tickin me off
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    Our Constitution, Bill of Rights, guarentees Freedom OF religion, i.e., we have the freedom to worship as we choose; It DOES NOT SAY, freedom FROM religion. It is the latter that the liberal/socialist/globalist folks want to force on us through activist Jurists. If they interpreted the Constitution litterally, this would NOT occur.

    Religion is NOT forbidden, nor is there any such thing as "Separation" of church and state anywhere mentioned. It has been manufactured by those ilk following the line that if you say it enough some poor fools will eventually think it is so..... :mad: :mad: :mad:

    The whole theory of "Political Correctness", i.e., not offending ANYONE, is not in the Constitution, Laws, Statutes or the Common Law. It has been invented and forced on us by these same mentally ill ilks....., and will be the ultimate downfall of our great REPUBLIC.

    My thirty plus years on the bench and interpreting the law Have been strictly Constitutional and I still get too up tight when people flaunt the Constitution just to change the established Rule of Law.....

    Now, I'll step down off my soap box before I generate a n heart attack for getting so emotional on the subject.....
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    Oct 6, 2004
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    The lefts hatred of religion with the exception of Islam stems from their desire to remove responsibility for actions by individuals. Religion by its very nature puts responsibility on the individual. Religion has very clear rules or laws of proper conduct and morality. The modern left wants to disolve these rules. Just read the news. The media, ACLU and dems defend pedophiles, NAMBLA, gay marriage, promiscuity, adultery and of course abortion. Religion teaches its followers those things are against Gods will.
    Modern liberalism excuses behavior that was always considered deviant or criminal. It tells you its not the criminals fault he steals, uses drugs or murders. Look at our schools gangs and thugs rule because teachers are not allowed to discipline for fear of law suits. Parents fear being labeled abusive for demanding their kids behave.
    The modern left tells us the founders were not religious men yet all our most sacred documents and institutions mention God. We know that the framers recognized that our democracys strength came from honest moral upright God fearing citizens.
    What do I know I'm just a God fearing christain gun owner? According to the left I am more of an enemy than a terrorist. The left has no problem taking away a right guaranteed to me by the constitution and bestowing rights on terrorists captured on foreign soil killing our soldiers. We can't listen to terrorists phone calls because an activist judge says she sees something written in between the lines of the constitution that forbids it but the clearly written 2nd amendment is ripe with wording that begs liberal interpretation.
    Okay my rant mode is off.

    One more thing.

    Liberalism dictates that driving a pickup truck with an NRA and or God is my co pilot bumper sticker is probable cause for cops to search your vehicle but asking a Muslim why he has fertilizer and fuel in his is racial profiling.
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  10. Ursus

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    I think you hit the mark here. This seems to be the REAL reason behind the apparent ones.
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    Because the Book of Revelation has to unfold...
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    Jun 7, 2006
    Remember "God is dead" in the 60's? Now we remove the Ten Commandments from court houses, ban prayer in schools, remove "Christ" from Christmas, etc. The anti-God crusade is gaining momentum and it will continue to do so. It is all leading up to something, isn't it? I wonder what that could be?
    When it does happen, there will be NO unbelievers.
    "Every head will bow and every knee will bend."
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    AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!, Brother
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    Amen Amen