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    Got this in an e-mail ,thought I'd go ahead and post it here for those who might want to attend:

    On Wed, 1/14/09, Ross 'Bubba' McDowell <> wrote:

    From: Ross 'Bubba' McDowell
    Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 9:41 PM


    There is something I must do, but I cannot do it alone.

    I am in the preliminary stages of planning a demonstration in front of the North Carolina State Legislature for Feb 4 (Wednesday). The goal is to preserve our 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and demand an end to infringement of that right.

    The catalyst for this action was the push by Durham City Council to adopt a “Bullet Ownership Bill", which would require anyone who wishes to purchase ammunition to first acquire a permit. Although it's Durham and that's the kind of liberal idiocy expected in Durham, they dont intend to stop there. They intend to take it to the State Legislature and eventually D.C. That along with the "Ammunition Accountability Act", and hundreds of other infringements over the years has made it perfectly clear that the gun grabbers will not go away and we have been too silent, too long.

    The name (or theme) of the demonstration will be "... shall not be infringed." Many individuals are already working with me to make this happen. But it will not be a GOE or NRA event, nor any other organization. This will be under no banner but the American flag. It will be just you and me. Although we hope for the support and participation of any business, organization or political group that believes in the 2nd Amendment, we will not seek nor offer endorsements.

    I had a long conversation with Raleigh PD today, and it appears that Feb 4 will be the best and soonest time to do this. Permits have been applied for. I also have my friend at working up graphics for flyers and printable documents. They will be available for download and printing as soon as possible.

    I have also created a board on my website forum for facilitation at A special page will also be added to my website at (not yet active).

    So, if you desire to keep your right to defend yourself from criminals (and the federal government), make plans to attend. It's time let the liberals and politicians know that we will no longer tolerate their infringement of our Constitutionally protected Rights. The time for whining and griping is past, the time for action has come.

    More later.

    Thanx, yaw.
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