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    Jun 27, 2001
    Subject: End of Stanley/Denver Potential Militia Alert***Media Release***

    Rick Stanley announced the ending of the Preliminary Militia Alert for the
    Denver, Colorado potential defense and stand-off, of himself and the Mutual
    Defense Pact Militia. The Ordered hearing by Judge Robert Patterson for Rick
    Stanley on June 26, has been Vacated by Judge Patterson in an Order this week.
    It has been verified by the Denver Police Department to Rick Stanley, that the
    Bench Warrant ordered by Judge Robert Patterson, as a result of Stanley refusing
    to appear at the unlawful June 26 hearing, has also been vacated, and the
    Police show that there is no bench warrant, or any type of warrant for Stanley,
    in the computer at this time. With this action, by those in government, Stanley
    ends the Preliminary Militia Alert for the Stanley/Denver potential Militia
    action, by the Mutual Defense Pact Militia of the 2d American Revolution. This
    is the 2d Preliminary Militia alert, that has been successful in stopping the
    proceedings of government agents, based upon the exposure of the
    illegal/unlawful/unconstitutional actions of those in government, who in their
    zeal to jail our innocent militia brethren, or steal their property, all
    unconstitutionally, has been stopped once again. The matter may still come up
    in Denver, Colorado or Biddeford Maine. However, each of these two potential
    incidents could have escalated very quickly into, Ruby Ridge or Waco size stand-
    offs, but with the potential of a Mutual Defense Pact Militia intervention,
    hanging over the actions of the government, those in government, eventually came
    to their senses and backed off. This is what the Mutual Defense Pact Militia is
    poised to do. When government steps outside the boundaries of Constitutional
    law, and the courts will not uphold the law and our constitutional rights, these
    Americans of the Mutual Defense Pact Militia are poised to defend our militia
    brethren, with force of arms against the predations of a fascist tyranny of
    government at any level, whether it be local, state, or federal.
    Unconstitutional actions will not be tolerated against Mutual Defense Pact
    Members. Who are these Americans? People such as, any regular every day
    peaceful American, who is freedom loving, but will not tolerate the taking of
    their constitutional rights, under the force of arms by government against them,
    or their militia brethren. Men and women who are not cowards, and will defend
    to the death their rights to freedom and liberty, free from unconstitutional
    intervention by those in government. Each Member of our Pact has committed to
    defend themselves and those of like mind who have joined the Pact across this
    nation. Formed a few months back, the Pact, which can be checked out at under the Mutual Defense Pact section on the main page of
    the Stanley Constitutional Activism website, will defend every Pact member
    against any intrusion against their constitutional rights. False arrest,
    property takings, stealing of our children or grandchildren by the state, or the
    stealing of our guns, which is a God given right of man to defend himself, and a
    Constitutionally protected and guaranteed right to keep and bear arms, all of
    these actions, will not be acceptable to the Pact members. Weapons of the
    Mutual Defense Pact Militia will only be used against those who would attack us
    individually or as a group. Our weapons will only be used DEFENSIVELY. Once
    attacked though, Militia members will not hesitate to destroy anyone trying to
    harm them, or their brethren. The Militia has promised to defend, as if the
    gates of heaven, and the promised Lion of Revelations, were unleashed against
    their attackers. Government will be held accountable with the Mutual Defense
    Pact Militia members, for any unconstitutional act and threat of attack. No more
    Waco's, Ruby Ridges, Rainbow Farms, or Fremont Michigan and the recent death ,of
    citizen Scott Woodring. Not on our watch. Scott Woodring was brutally murdered
    by the police in Michigan, but was not a member of the Mutual Defense Pact
    Militia. We still feel his loss for trumped up charges to arrest or kill him.
    He would still be with us today if he had joined the Mutual Defense Pact
    Militia. We are hundreds today, after a few months of existence. We will be
    thousands in every state as time elapses and the tyranny of the government is
    continued against the citizens of America. The grass roots campaign to close
    ranks and defend ourselves and those of like mind in regard to constitutional
    rights, and our demand they be upheld by those in government, instead of
    attempting to steal and kill from our Pact members, will continue to grow in
    America. See

    As long as government respects our Constitutional rights and does not attack any
    Mutual Defense Pact Militia member's PERSON, FAMILY, PROPERTY or GUNS, we will
    remain peaceful as lambs. However, we are not like the sheep of this nation,
    who have succumbed to the tyranny of the Police State of America. God is with
    us, and demands his children, be left in peace according to God's Law.
    Constitutional rule of law is the basis of government's authority to govern free
    Americans. Failure to adhere to Constitutional Law will produce dangerous
    results for those in government, who abuse our freely given power, by using it
    against us under the guise of "color of law". Rick Stanley refuses to be jailed
    for actually having the audacity to "exercise his constitutional right" to
    peacefully keep and bear arms in Denver or anywhere else in Colorado, openly and
    without incident. Making a constitutional right, a crime against the state,
    will not be accepted by Rick Stanley, or the Mutual Defense Pact Militia of the
    2d American Revolution. A Revolution of Freedom and Liberty will not be
    prevented by the Police State of America. We know the deceit, the lies, and
    the fraud perpetuated against Americans for the last 90 years, and it will no
    longer be tolerated by the free citizens of America. There are more of us each
    and every day, and we are growing. The Socialist/Communist/Fascist state will
    not be used against free Americans anymore. Free Americans will stand up to and
    defeat those who would destroy our heritage and birthright, of a free America.
    Long live the fighters.
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    Mar 26, 2003
    Quit eating the bandwidth, Shiz.

    Next time, just post a link, okay? That said, it is still pretty good info to know what is going on.
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