depression days woodchuck and suckers

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  1. 38 special

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    Feb 14, 2009
    anyone cook woodchuck? My Dad used to tell me how they ate woodchuck during the Great Depression. He said they rarely had storebought meat and when they hunted they were careful not to waste a round. He was also good at "fingering" fish under rocks in the creek and snaring trout with wire.
    They also went sucker hooking thru the ice. They would cut rectangular holes thru nthe ice, others would go pound on ice with sticks and as suckers swam by they would hook them up and unto the ice ( this was in the creek) back when we actually had cold winters.
    Does anyone still cook woodchuck or suckers?
  2. killbuck

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    Feb 15, 2009
    WNY (In the Snow Belt)
    I do chucks on the grill alot in the summer. Esp the young ones. I just dress them out making sure the scent glans get removed, cut the legs off then the back in half making 6 pieces, and toss them on the grille. I use a vinegar and oil base basting sauce I use for chicken to keep them moist. Since it's not sugar based you can baste alot and it won't burn.
    They are very lean meat and will dry out quick if you don't keep them moist. You could probably wrap the pieces in bacon and smoke them too but I have not tried that yet. Maybe this summer. LOL.

    I've found you have to soak the older chucks overnight in some salt water tho to get a better taste. Just rinse then pat dry before throwing them on. That's both the young and old ones.

    If you want the sauce recipe just yell.

    Enjoy the day.
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