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    I just took possession of very nice 1935 Beretta pistol - I collect .32 ACP pistols of the 'Art Deco' era. The pistol is very nice, very good condition EXCEPT the trigger is not so good. The hammer hook - which engages the sear - has a slight 'groove' where the sear rests. So when the trigger is pulled, the sear must 'climb' out of the groove prior to let off. One can actually see the hammer cam back a bit as this happens.

    So the trigger pull is heavy and a fair amount of movement prior to let off.

    Since I will write up a report on this pistol and publish it on my blog (in my signature) I had to come up with some 'literary' way of describing the trigger pull. I think I did.

    It is a "Michael Moore" trigger. Far too heavy and lots of creep.

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