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    I have been able to learn a lot about the use and exploits of snipers from the US Revolution to the present. I understand that, at least in US military terminology, the term "sniper" designates a role that is as much scout as shooter and that stealth is as important as shooting skill. I have however found only fleeting reference to something I have been calling the "designated shooter" role. One in which marksmanship is the only major skill required.

    Of course it only stands to reason that long or difficult shots would be assigned to those who had the skill to make them but I have found some references to a formalization of the role. That is special training and or weapons like a US soldier in Iraq being issued an M14 rather than an M16. I have also read that in Vietnam, snipers were assigned to this role between missions. Was the scoped Garand used in Korea primarily in this role? What about other countries, do they use "snipers" or "marksmen"?
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    Someone else can give more info on this but I know Russia fields a designated marksman with each squad(I think it's each squad). That's what the Dragunov is, not a sniper rifle, but a DMR, designated marksman rifle.

    And I have also read about certain US troops being issued with an M-14 DMR.
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