DGFM 22 LR Carbine

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  1. stoser

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Hello all, I'm new to TFF although I've been thinking of joining for some time. Therefore please forgive my lack of knowledge of guns, as I'm a little new to this. Any pointers you could give are greatly appreciated.

    I've got some questions about an Argentine made carbine. It's a 22LR. The stamp near the base of the barrel reads:

    " D.G.F.M. Fabrica Militar de Armas Portatiles Calibre 22 - Long Rifle Industria Argentina". The serial number is 20157. I already know what DGFM is, most notably the 1911 Colt replicas, but I can't find ANY info on any 22LRs made by them.

    This carbine has an interesting loading mechanism that I'd never seen before. The rounds are loaded through the right side of the stock, and a long rod made of what appears to be brass is used to push the round into the chamber. The rod enters through the back of the stock. Not sure if this is considered a type of breech loading. It weighs a little under 10 lbs, but I forgot to measure the length. I could post some pictures, please let me know if it's necessary. I'd have to drive to the owner's house and take some, and it's about 20 miles away...

    Looks pretty old, all the wood has seen it's share of use. If I'd have to guess I'd say pre 1950 at least, probably pre WWII, but them again, maybe it was just used A LOT.

    Also, it can be disassembled into two pieces by unscrewing a small hand tightened bolt the attaches behind the action. It then unfolds into two pieces similar to how a breech loaded shotgun would, but it has no hinge, so the two pieces just come apart.

    Let me know if any of this needs further clarification or if you need pictures.

    Any info would be helpful. Specifically I would like to get an idea of what model it might be, when it was made, what it was made for (military training, civilian, etc), and what it might be worth. Also, if the loading system has a specific name, it'd be nice to know what it's called.

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  2. TRAP55

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    Called a buttstock tube feed as far as I know.

    Does it look like this?

    Or this?

  3. stoser

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Thanks for the reply TRAP55. It looks pretty much exactly like the top photo you uploaded (the one with the red background), although the one in question is a bit more used. I noticed that the name of the photo was Win63, so ... is this an Argentine knock off? Or is it a win63 and the barrel was replaced with an Argenitne barrel? The barrel on this rifle is aprox. 23 inches long.

    Before I was able to get online today I went over there and took some photos so that I could upload them anyway, so here you go... There are also a couple of marks that seem to be burned/branded into the stock. You can see those in the second to last picture. Maybe they're some ex-owner's initials? They appear to be: " Z I " and a bit smaller " [T] ". Any clues as to what these markings were used for?

    Also, some additional info: The butt plate is made of metal, not rubber, and is held there by 2 flat head screws.

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  4. TRAP55

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    You got it!
    I know Colt, I think S&W, and I've heard Winchester, all licensed Argentina to produce copies of certain firearm models.
    Your rifle is the first Winchester I've seen. I'd take an educated guess and say the stampings on the stock are military, as all firearms there go through them, as well as ammo sales.
    Model 63 parts will interchange, and it looks like you need a rear sight. Give me a couple of days(I work insane hours), I think I can track one down for you.
    I'll also run this one by my Winchester expert buddy, and see if I can get some more info on it for you.
  5. stoser

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Thanks a million TRAP55, especially for the win-63 schematic. Now that I know what this carbine is, I'm thinking that I should have placed the post in the .22 Rimfire forum ... Not sure if that can be done. Certainly not a relic, although definitely a bit curious. Thanks again!:D
  6. TRAP55

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    Made in the early 50's, it's more than 50yrs old = C&R firearm.
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