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  1. dons2346

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    * That the words "race car" spelled backward still spells "race car".

    * That "eat" is the only word that if you take the 1st letter and move
    it to the last, it spells its past tense "ate".

    * And Have you noticed that if you rearrange the letters in "illegal
    immigrants", and add just a few more letters, it spells out: "Go home you free-loading, benefit grabbing, kid-producing, violent, non-English
    speaking a$$holes and take those other hairy-faced, sandal wearing, bomb making,goat loving, raggedy a$$ Muslim bas@#$rds with you."

    How weird is that????
  2. red14

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    Aug 17, 2009
    N FLA
    That is so terrible, and I laughed.

  3. wpage

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    Aug 25, 2009
    The things you learn on Al Gores net...
  4. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
  5. Zane71464

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    That's pretty good, I mean weird!
  6. carver

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    I like the way you "spell" things out!!:D