Disabled Hunter in MI Needs Help w/Crossbow

Discussion in 'Disabled Hunters & Shooters Forum' started by TF118, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. TF118

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    Mar 24, 2003
    If any of you in MI can help this couple, please email them.

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    From: Dunafishh@aol.com [mailto:Dunafishh@aol.com]
    Sent: Sun 10/19/2003 11:59 AM
    Subject: husband disabled

    My husband has become disabled due to an auto accident. He had an eval for the crossbow and was ok'd for two year permit. He has not recieved the permit as of yet, we just mailed it in a couple of days ago. I had seen on TV about Buckmasters in Fenton, Michigan. What I would like to do for my husband is to set him up with someone that has a crossbow and let him practice. He has never used or knows nothing about the crossbow. Before he jumps into investing in one I would like for him to have the chance to try one. Do you know of anyone in the Michigan area that would be willing to help him out. It would be so appreciated.
    Thank You
    Diana McDaniel dunafishh@aol.com
    Burton, Michigan

  2. cointoss2

    cointoss2 Guest

    TF 118, I replied by email to her and hopefully the timeing works out that we can meet.

  3. TF118

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    Mar 24, 2003
    Thanks cointoss2, let me know how it works out...
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