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    From: "BADF Disabled Services" <dsullivan@buckmasters.com>
    Subject: Important Message from Disabled Services

    We know that there are some of you who are adults with life threatening diseases, that are looking for a special hunt. We need to identify you for opportunities that may be available, or become available. Please email me the following information, and I will follow up and see what I can do to assist you. If you have already sent in a Life Hunt application this year, it will not be necessary to respond.

    Please email the following to dsullivan@buckmasters.com if you are a critically ill adult hunter:

    Address (complete with Zip)
    Phone numbers
    email address
    Type Illness
    What are you looking for in a hunt?
    Can you travel?
    Would someone need to accompany you on a hunt, and if so who?
    Please write a paragraph or two about yourself and how we can help.

    Please email to dsullivan@buckmasters.com
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