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  1. patrol

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    May 19, 2007
    Update on the "DISSAPOINTED" situation. Ok, polished both the feed ramps of the lower receivers and the little lip plate of the chamber on the barrels. I was about to order the Wilson Combat mags and still may. The Smith and Kimber Procarry, shot "Just" name brand mags that came with the two pistols the smith is a "Actmag" or something and the Kimber Pro is a "Kimber mag" shot 100 rounds in each with various hollow points and ball some 230 some 200grain and all fed fine, even with me combat "fan firing" as fast as I could go you know where you lock in your arm real tight to your side and use your whole index finger opposite hand and simply go to it. With that "no" jams of like I said on both 200 various rounds.
  2. patrol

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    May 19, 2007
    Update/ Ok the last post I conducted the shooting test on Friday. This morning early I went to shoot with the two both dirty guns and this time I found out the problem. I have like five 8 round ChipMccormick magazines and 1 of them continued to cause jams in both pistols(I think the Smith Sc1911 and the Kimber ProcaryII are actually made by the same designer) anyway i found out I had one that was bad. I will take it apart and stretch out the springs I guess. It was one of the one's with the screw on plastic butt plates. First time I ever had a problem with a Chip Mccormick and thought they were the best bargain qual mags out there compared to high dollar Wilson mags at double the price tag. Im not a magazine expert but actually the aftermarket mags ive used for my sig p220 and the Beretta, Taurus and Browning is "Mecgar" and ive never had issues with those and they are cheaper than both Wilson and Mccormick. Maybe Ill try those before I pay thirty bucks for a Wilson mag.

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Central Texas
    Hey, Patrol:
    Did the mags fix the problem/ more properly, did eliminating the bad one do it???
    Just personal preference, but all my mags will run in all my 1911's, or they are "gun show" fodder!
    Whem I pick up a pistol, I mean to shoot, and anything that does not work at 100% is unacceptable, in my book.
    I am long and far away from 'Combat duty', with the Army, but remain alert and able, for the sake of 'urban survival', so, still maintain my skills and gear, at the 'ready' level, from the service.
    I just sent a check to the Hospital, for ER treatment of a small wound, to the leg, of a young lady who would not back down from one of my dogs, who was but 'defending her turf', from the young lady's invasion; not exactly my problem, but she is the stepdaughter of a co-worker, and a little slow, to boot!
    Point is, my **** worked; the Lil dog did exactly what she should have done, in covering my six, and even though it was not 'under attack', she did what she did, as though it was!
    Cost me 1100 bucks, more or less, but may tell you a bit about how I feel about functional gear, and dogs!
    Interestingly ,we spent yesterday, at the river, accompanied by several young children, all of whom she is acquainted with, and three of them were pulled from the water, by her, when they were close to washing away, with no fanfare, whatsoever.
    The Dog is a "Winner", in my eyes, hands down, because she is a 'natural Protector', a 'Lassie' in short stature!
    But, all our gear ought to work like this; at the highest level, all the time !
    I paid the price, far more than the cost of a good magazine, for an active and protective dog, and would again, because I know how much 'cheap gear'
    (**** that don't work) can cost, when it fails to function.
    Hope this offers some guidance.
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    Jul 7, 2007
    hey stash247

    i gotta question for you. i have a colt IV/Series 70 slide and barrel but its on a para-ordnance frame with a double stack magazine.

    This is my dad's gun that he's just recently given to me. Now he's no gun expert or anything and never took much care of it, but as of recent the gun has been jamming and not releasing the empty shell properly.

    what im asking is, what to do with this little problem.
  5. straightShot

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    Nov 7, 2003
    When you have a bunch of magazines and start having problems, number the mags to eliminate the problem. That being said, I had a stock mag for my Khimber Ultra Carry, bought another Chip McCormack "Shooting Star" mag (turned out to be identical to the factory mag), and both mags gave me nothing but trouble. I tried a Wilson Combat magazine, and I now have 12 Wilson Combat 7 rounders.

    I won't look back. Magazines don't give me problems anymore, and I've fired many, many rounds.

    Good luck.