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    Ok so I've had my Gp100 for a week. Put a couple hundred rounds through it and I love it. But now I'm done playing with it and want to get it sighted in proper. This is a personal defense/ plinking gun. At what distance should I set up my target?
  2. The vast majority of self defense shootings happen within 7 yards, so 20-25 feet would be a good range to practice with.

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    May 27, 2011
    Shoot from a rest to reduce human error if you are trying to "fine tune" your sights. There are probably 100s of better ways, but for handguns I like to start with zeroing at 7-10 yds. If your pattern and placement is good at that distance, move back to 25 yds and repeat (from a rest again). Once your Ruger is zeroed at 25, you will be very close to zero at shorter distances and probably "close-enough" out to 40-50 yds with 357 loads. JMO....
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    According to Hornady's ballistics (drop) charts, a .357 Magnum shooting a 158 jacketed bullet at 1200 f/s will have a mid range rise of 3.1 inches at 50 yards if sighted in at 100 yards.

    Shooting a 125 grain jacketed bullet at 1350 f/s, the mid range rise is 2.7 inches at 50, based on a zero of 100 yards.

    So, what distance? What difference does it make?

    I'd zero the pistol for 100 yards and leave it alone. Any intermediate distance will be no more than three inches (okay, 3.1 inches) from line of sight. Most of us cannot hold that tightly anyway.

    If the idea of sighting in at 100 yards is overwhelming, sight it in 'just a little high' at 25 yards and it will be close enough.

    Shooting from a rest is not a bad way to get a rough zero, but when you are shooting from a two handed, standing up position, the recoil and geometry of your arms and wrist will make a difference in your point of impact.

    Verify your zero with some standing shots. Don't worry about how quick you are, just get good, solid holds and sight pictures and proper trigger let offs.

    If 25 yards is too far, start at 5, or what minimum distance the range allows you. You'll work out to further ranges as time goes on.
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    Okay, the first time I thought I posted, I didn't get a result.

    So I let it sit and tried again. Double post. Some days one just can't win.
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    Ok, thanks guys. Next time out I'll sight it in at 21 feet. Then I'll move her back to 25 yards to see where they group there. Thanks again
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    Arch, strikes me that 100 yds is a LONG way for a pistol that will likely be shot at between 20 feet & 20 yards. and its a bugger to get groups beyond 25yds without a good rest. Good, repeatable groups tell you where yer POI is. Bad groups just tell you yer somewhere close. Also, walkin 100yds after 5 or 6 shots & doin it again after another few gets old fast. A scope helps but not enuff to delete the walking.
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