Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???

Discussion in 'VMBB General Discussion' started by inplanotx, Mar 8, 2003.

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    (6/10/02 9:17:20 am)
    Reply Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Well ..... Kinda sorta I do.

    Anyhoos ..... I decided to give up another of them nasty habits that I had acquired throughout the years of my life. Smoking that is! YUP! Quit ..... "cold turkey" as of midnight last nite I did.

    Figerd' its time it is. I have had enough hackin' and coughin' and besides ..... I certainly ain't gettin any younger and maybe .... just maybe ..... this will help me to hang around a bit longer. Try to extend whatever warranty God gave me on the bod .....

    I did this once before but got lost in the shuffle and came back to it after about a year .... so I know that I "can" do this just like problem. A lot of folks need the patch or need the gum but not me .... just plain ole' outright cold turkey for me is the way I like to do it. Besides .... In reality its all whats upstairs in your noggin' right? Mind over matter .....

    Anyway .... I'm one of them Jarheads and we always enjoy doing things the toughest way anyhow. If anything ..... just think of the $$$ I'll be a savin' here as well.

    I had made up my mind to do this a few days back after I had already purchased a carton of these nasty things so I figured what the heck .... "Smoke 'em while ya got 'em" and once their gone thats it .... I did'nt want to overdue it but I was smokin' like crazy in hopes that I would be done with them on the 5TH as I was wanting to start this battle of mine on the same day as our forefathers began battling on June 6 over at Normandy. Oh well ..... close enuff I rekon!

    Do I feel good today ....? YUP! Could'nt be better and hope that you are feeling good today as well my friends .....

    Anybody need any ash trays or cigarette lighters .....

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"

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    Reply Re: Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Outstanding! I gave it up myself 20 years ago.Best decision I ever made....Lock yourself in a closet for the first couple of day's in order to avoid any human contact......GOOD LUCK! you can do it.

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    Reply Re: Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Congrats Gunner---stick it out!!! It was the 26th of February 1968 I quit 'cold-turkey'. There was a bit of prayer and spirituality involved that memorable day for me. I never remembered when I started sucking smoke, I was so young---as a boy on the farm, plowing corn in the river bottom behind a team of horses, the excuse was that the smoke would drive the flies and mosquitos away---that was in WWII and mostly the cigarettes were home rolled out of BUGLER or hand rolled with BULL DURHAM. Over the years as an adult I tried to stop many times---my wife become a Mormon and she really encouraged me to quit smoking (and swearing and drinking coffee). Well, that day during TET, old Victor Charlie was hammering the piss out of us there at Dong Ha---made it to the bunker with out my Salems---well, me and the Good Lord spoke of my bad habits that day---I spoke, and I guess he listened, because to this day I have never had another mouthful of cigarette smoke---even when grandchildren were born or I got a work advancement/promotion---passed out cigars but never partook again myself. I know that's a long-ass story Guns---but you heard folks praying down the road at Hue about that same time as I was doing it back at Dong Ha on that hellish day--bad place to give up a soothing pasttime like cigarettes--shame that's the only promise I really ever kept--wonder what my score sheet looks like---hhmmmnnnn? Wilborn

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    Re: Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    That's awesome!!! I'm so proud of you! (hehe)

    Can't really sympathise with what you're about to go through... I've never smoked... ever. Never thought it was attractive enough to try.

    But, I do believe that the mind controls everything!!! I've found you can psych yourself out to just about ignore most pain, craivings, etc. So, if you've got a strong mind - AND I KNOW YOU DO - you can do this without the help of more drugs!!!

    Good luck with it.... stick with it... and if you feel yourself slippin', let me know.... I'm pretty good at givin' a good ass kickin'!

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    (6/11/02 3:00:29 pm)

    Re: Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Thumbs Up Six!

    Let us know how it is going, I'm about to do the
    same in a day or so.
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    (6/11/02 3:52:29 pm)
    Reply Re: Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Thanks all for the support. So far so good yet its only been about 38 hours or so since I lit the last one from the carton. I can do this tho ..... no sweat ..... and cold turkey ta boot. My sister just quit a few weeks back but she had to get the patch. Last I spoke with her she was doing fine ..... I'll have to call her soon to see how shes holding up and give her the news from myself as well. Just have to keep takin' it a day at a time is all ..... Have a great day all! Six

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"

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    Reply Re: Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Good Job Six!
    I know what your doing is very difficult,
    I wish you and your sister the best of Luck!

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    (6/12/02 9:32:09 am)
    Reply Do I Feel Good Today ..... ???
    Been well over two days now and though I don't think the worse is over I'd sure like to know if it will ever even get here cause I feel great about this. Like takin' candy from a baby ... Just a walk in the park .....

    Hell! I shoulda done this a long time ago

    Sure do appreciate that ass kickin' if I get to slippin' Winter!

    If I'm gonna get a ass whoopin' it might as well be from a beautiful woman .....

    Ya might have a long long wait tho cause I don't intend on slippin' and I'm takin ground like back in Hue. Gonna whoop this nasty thing ..... ain't no doubts!

    Ya'll have a great day and a super evenin' ..... Six Out!

    "What more can I say ..... I was at the wrong place at the wrong time"
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