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    feelin' stronger every day...
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    I don't suppose you have figured out yet that if they don't buy adds people won't know who they are have ya? Except from YOU, I've never heard of the guy. Why should I vote for him? He sure as hell hasn't told me. I don't consider myself a Libertarian, so why in the flying F word would I go to his site. Appeal to me. Please for the love of all things holy, appeal to me. Tell me how he is letting us know he's running. because I've seen nothing from him.

    And for the record, I don't watch the news, local or otherwise. I get my info off the net. From multiple sources because I don't trust just one. AND I"VE NEVER SEEN HIS NAME EXCEPT HERE FROM YOU.

    I also didn't know that the whale (AKA Rosanne Barr) was running either. Now thats a candidate I think we should support. maybe she can siphon off enough of the nuts on the left who think a 3rd party can win. Lord knows we have enough of them on the right:rolleyes: maybe it will save us from another 4 of Obama:rolleyes:

  3. So you are saying you are comfortable with your head in the sand and IF you vote you will vote for whoever they tell you to vote for because you have no idea about anything that is going on in our government or that there are people out there trying to make it better.

    In other words you are part of the apathetic majority in this country who are the problem because working for a solution takes to much time and energy.
  4. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

    Don't put words in my mouth. I do not believe in legalizing drugs or gay marriage! Which are beliefs of the libertarian party. SO WHY THE HELL WOULD I EVEN LOOK AT THERE SITE. And since there is no Conservative party in Cali.

    So lets see I can vote for

    Barack Obama - Democrat um NO for reasons that should be obvious even to you.

    Thomas Hoefling - American Independent I would love to vote for the AI candidate. I strongly agree with the majority of their positions. And I would vote for him in any other year. However I refuse to be a party to helping Obama win a second term

    Jill Stein - Green party. Don't believe in global warming

    Gary Johnson - Libertarian. Since I do not believe in gay marriage or legalizing drugs, both libertarian stances I will not vote for a libertarian. Sorry.

    Roseanne Barr - Peace and Freedom. Do I even have to justify why she's not getting my vote?

    Mitt Romney - Republican Better than the other choices (except Hoefling) and the best bet at removing the traitor from the oval office.
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    Dec 12, 2011
    I won't vote for Romney because we will have millions of guys named Patel running our garbage trucks, being our police, paving our roads, and only God knows what else. Romney sent every job he could overseas and I think his next big plan is to bring the overseas workers here to take even more of our jobs. Wouldn't shock me in the least. It would help him capitalize and make more than $20 MIL a year.
  6. Libertarians are the third biggest party in the US and have more people in public office than any other 3rd party. Their performance at local levels has been rated pretty good and they have a decent reelection record. No wild eyed anarchists in office, the fringe members do most of their talking on the net or in college dorms where their parents pay their bills and they rail against the system. Those are not Libertarians.

    Either you support people who are 100% behind the Constitution or you support people who only believe in it if it does not interfere with their political aspirations. Your choice. Until they get enough votes from supporters to make the powers in office pay attention they will continue to be invisible to most people. Most of what you are objecting to are the same tired arguments parroted by people who have never studied the political philosophy of the Libertarian party.
  7. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

    So what you are saying, through all your political BS about how the 2 big parties are to blame for everything is I should scrap MY principles and support the 3rd largest party:rolleyes:

    Do you even know what your party stands for. I'm so sick of you cycnical BS. You don't know me or what I've studied.

    From the Libertarian site
    Basically boils down to a support of the right to marriage. Yep just parroting from me. Oh wait no its from your partys site:rolleyes:

    I don't know what Johnson's personal beliefs are but I DO KNOW what the libertarian party position is, even if you don't.
    The problem with gay marriage is they continue to incorporate into their marriage bill that the church must accept their marriage. And refusing to perform a gay marriage could bring a lawsuit on the church. That infringes on my rights as a church member. I will not support such a bill ever. While I do appreciate that they want to put it to the states, they still support it.

    Now drugs
    Again from the LP web site.

    Am I still parroting or did you not know that your party supports the legalization of drugs. I'd suggest you study your party a little bit better if you want to run your fingers.

    Here is another from yet again the LP site Um those said legalize not decriminalize. You do know the difference right?:rolleyes: Cause I'm pretty sure I do.

    Yea I just parrot:rolleyes:


    By the way, just as a personal note of interest. This will be the last election I will vote in as a Republican. Come the first of the year I will be a member of the American Independent Party
  8. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

    Whatever. As long as you can look yourself in the mirror the morning after Obama is reelected, then vote for whoever the hell you want. Now I know why DD is so cynical about libs. I'm beginning to understand we have those on the right that aren't worth the time to deal with either.
  9. CampingJosh

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    Sep 25, 2007
    I don't support gay marriage either. I think it's deplorable.
    But God gave us freedom. He allows us to live our own lives as we choose, even if we choose deplorable sin.

    Having the government recognize homosexual marriage doesn't make homosexual marriage any more moral or "right"; it's simply the government admitting that it exists. And it does exist, whether our governments recognize it or not. It existed before it was ever legal here, and it will continue for as long as sinful people exist.

    And there are two good arguments for removing criminal penalties for drugs. First, it's your own life and your own body; if you aren't allowed to control those, you are a slave.
    The second argument is based more on realism than on principle. It's not an argument that drug use is good or right. It's simply an assessment that the so-called "War on Drugs" has been more destructive to our society than the drugs ever were before they were banned. The War on Drugs has been the steroid to the development of a police state, and it is the cause for the total destruction of family structure in several minority groups.
    I do support the decriminalization of illicit drugs, but I won't use them if they are made legal. Not my thing.

    I am a libertarian (the lower-case "L" there was intentional, as I am not a supporter of the Libertarian Party). I believe that people are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, including liberty. People are free to reject God, and it's horrible, but if He gave them that freedom, it's not my role to use the force of government to strip that from them.
  10. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

    I don't give a good God damn whether the government recognizes gay marriage or not. What I care about is forcing the church to accept it. Which IS the agenda. That infringes on MY rights.

    As far as drugs go, legalizing it and then realizing oops that was stupid will lead to another prohibition if we then try to make it illegal again. My stance is don't make any more laws that we aren't going to enforce anyways. I don't believe it should be legal. I think it will lead to more problems than you realize. And I don't get how the war on drugs ruined the family structure. I would argue just using them ruined the family structure. Its hard to be a parent when your stoned. Don't ya think:rolleyes:

    I appreciate that you consider yourself a libertarian. To the extent that I believe in states rights rather than federal rights I am too. However I consider myself a conservative over everything. But Old Grump is advocating the Libertarian Party. As I do not advocate the legalization:rolleyes: of drugs I will not support their party.
  11. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

    Just a thought, I havn't seen the Libertarians come out all hell bent on ending the seat belt laws. And those are recent compared to drug laws. My body. I shouldn't have to wear it if I choose not to right? Its weird they care more about drugs than seat belts. I don't do drugs but I do drive a car. Hmm why do they care more about drugs than seat belts....... I wonder:rolleyes:
  12. Lets see, I am a life member of the Libertarian Party since George Bush Sr, stabbed us in the back and gave us Clinton back in 1993 but you finally googled Libertarians and now you know more about it than I do.

    I'm saying you support the constitution and the people who also support it or you support the old guard who are in politics to get in and stay in office, gather power and get rich at our expense. You made your choice. Patriot Act, TSA, loosened standards for wire tapping, jailed without charges or trial if somebody in power labels you a terrorist. Do you remember when this used to be a free country, we were never perfect but we had the freedom to say and do pretty much as we wanted without having to worry about lawsuits and getting fined because your wild flowers look like weeds to the neighbors.

    Congress passes laws making them mandatory for us but exempting themselves is not a good thing. Czars is not a good thing. The number of armed police officers for the Federal agencies has grown exponentially since 911 yet we have sections of our national parks closed to us because the government cannot corral the criminals who run free or control our borders but they will confiscate a belt buckle at the airport if it has a gun related insignia on it. Do you feel safer?

    Every single campaign has been run on the promise that the size of government will be cut back yet we add new departments and agencies everytime somebody in Congress gets an itch. Have they made life better for us, made our schools better our our railroads safer or helped our ship building industry prosper?

    Do you for one second think Romney is going to irritate his former colleagues by slashing their favorite programs or agencies or bust the civil servants union by putting a few hundred thousand of them out of work. News Flash, all that has to be paid for and the government does not have any revenue except what it can get from us. More people on welfare, fewer people working and the Federal work force growing so fast it makes growth industries look like amateurs.

    Electing the same old politicians will not get the job done but all you can see is 30 days from now. Well Obama is not the problem he is just the visible head of a huge boil on the public butt. He is the visible sign of our problem but it goes much deeper and you want to perpetuate that. Romney is not the cure, the cure is a clean sweep of Congress and we won't get it because you are locked into the 2 party system. You are comfortable with that sacred cow and refuse to do anything about it because you might have to take a chance and do something bold and innovative.
  13. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

  14. So your a life member since 93 that makes you what 18. Closer to 70, took me awhile to get smart.

    I've listened to the Limbaugh of the Libertarian air waves (Niel Bortz) I've talked to true Libertarians and those that think they are and are really misguided liberals. Bortz is a character no two ways about it and I take him as serious as I do Limbaugh, entertainment value with a nugget of wisdom once in awhile.

    You don't know crap about me jack. And you don't know what your partys stances are either. I notice you didn't argue the points I made, just deflected off in another direction.I didn't deflect I just didn't bother, I can google any side of an argument I want from any party I want.

    Get the state newsletter and the national Libertarian newspaper and read them and you will see it is not a nice neat homogenous package but full of individualists. The over riding principle is we all believe in the constitution not just parts of it. You can get out there and quote the loony fringe of the party and your quotes would be correct but they are not representative of all of us.

    Yes I believe a Libertarian would stay true to his word unlike most politicians who only say what they must to get elected and then do whats in their interest not ours.

    That is why we are a minority party, people do not want to hear truth, they want sugar coated promises even though they know they wont get delivered.

    It's your choice, vote for an American or a politician and you made your choice. You want more of the same thing.
  15. Appliancedude

    Appliancedude Well-Known Member

    Look Obama Junior, just because you keep repeating the same lie doesn't make it true.

    let me try and explain why I think your a fool.

    For 18 years you've been a Libertarian. What have you and your fellow Libertarians done to advance your movement. Answer- Not a damned thing.

    There are 100 US Senators. 51 Dem, 47 Rep, and 2 independents. The independents are Bernie Sanders a socialist from Vermont, and Joe Lieberman who was ousted from the Dem party for supporting McCane.

    There are 435 Congressman. 193 Dem, 242 Rep. NO independents.

    Where pray tell are your precious Libertarians? Not in our Federal government. Not since the 93rd congress which was before I was born, has there ever been more than 2 people in congress not belonging to the Dems or Reps.

    Your not a minority party because people don't want to hear the truth, your a minority party because you don't push your agenda. You sit back and bitch and moan because the R's and D's are ruining our country but don't do a damned thing about it yourself s. I ask again, where are your libertarians in Congress? Not one. You guys can't even get one guy elected to federal government. But your damned sure gonna win the presidency arn't ya. Yea, you can't get a senator or congressman elected, but hey if all you dumb ass republicans would just vote our way we could win. YEA RIGHT. Show me some federal election wins for the Libertarians and then we'll talk.

    I've stated before and I will state again. The movement has to start at the state level. I'm all for removing R's and D's from Congress. Maybe if we can get to 1/3 independents in Congress one will have a shot at Pres. Until then, I'll just continue to think your a damned fool for wasting your vote.
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