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    Nov 25, 2011
    Wow, guys;
    this sure has turned intense and strayed from the original post subject. Can we all step back, take about 30 deep breaths, read the count to a million thread for a while and let things cool off for a while?

    I think we're all agreed that the present White House occupant has to be evicted and he proved his lack of ability to lead especially well in this last debate. Hopefully the next two debates will persuade even more people to abandon him and vote for someone else, and deepen the conviction in those already persuaded that he needs to go.

    In the UK we have three strong parties UK wide; four in Scotland. In the last general election there was no overall winner, so a coalition government was formed between the two parties that were stronger--Tories and Liberal Democrats. As with all compromise situations, nobody is happy with the final result and I suspect Labour will get the government next time around.
    In Scotland Scottish National Party wiped the country; there are only a few seats in the Scottish Parliament that are not SNP now, so the First Minister considers that a mandate to do whatever he wants with the country...100% "renewable energy" by 2024, nothing nuclear in the country--weapons or electricity; "independance" for Scotland thus placing Scotland directly under the thumb of the European Union; homosexual marriage; the list could go on.

    That's my rant for today; hopefully there's something useful in it for the US. I will be voitng via absentee ballot this time around.

    Thanks for the time, guys.
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    Ok so I stepped back took 30 breaths, and I still think he's a damned fool, and I"m sure he thinks I still want the status quo. Now what?:D

  3. About 150 maybe a little more Libertarians are holding elected office at local and state level. Gary Johnson was governor of New Mexico and Ed Thompson won 11% of the vote in Wisconsin when he ran. Polls showed he had considerably more supporters but like all the other chicken compromisers most of his fans chickened out at the polls and voted Republican because they figured he didn't have a chance to win.

    Look at states like New Hampshire and Massachusetts where the states are overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat, they have a lot of Libertarians in office but California, Arizona and Florida leads. Who woulda thunk it? Better to be a damn fool then a pile of fecal matter derived from poultry. :D That is what a compromiser is, a potential man who is afraid to stand up for what is right. He takes the easy way out by swimming with the current instead of across or against the current to get where he really should be.

    Signed: Damn Fool :patriotic:
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    Apple Valley, Ca.
    You can't always get what you want, (yes, Rolling Stones) but what we need is to get that traitor out of the White House.
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    So let me get this straight. After all I'm just a pile of fecal matter derived from poultry, status quo loving R, who is not a LIFE member of the Libertarian party so can't possibly know what they stand for(even though I proved it with pages from their own site, but I digress). Since the party was formed in 1974 you guys have made it all the way to 150 elected people. WOW. That is so impressive:rolleyes:. Can you tell me why in 2003 there were over 600 and now its down to 150? Perhaps its because they are simply full of crap politicians the same as the R's and D's. Or is it because (by your admission) your party can't stand by their convictions? What happened to the 450 that are no longer in office? So the 3rd largest party has a measly 150 people in office. Sniff sniff I hope your proud, I sure would be:rolleyes:.

    Maybe instead of pushing a guy who has 0% chance of winning the white house, you should be trying to get one of them into congress. Show the country how great your party is, then get more elected. Your not gonna oust a party the way they're handling it. You can't just win the white house. You've got to mobilize and get congress seats. When you ever get even say 50 seats in congress, you might, might just have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. Right now, you don't even have that.

    just a pile of fecal matter derived from poultry, status quo loving R, who is not a LIFE member of the Libertarian party so can't possibly know what they stand for:banghead:
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    By the way, these are your mighty Libertarians holding office in California. Not a single legislative seat among them. Wow, councilman, wow school board. Really making a difference out there arn't we?

    Look Grump. I like ya, and this has been a fun debate. But frankly I thought I knew a lot about Libertarians and I have realized that I don't. It would have been better the other way. I actually thought they held more seats. I've realized that the party is frankly pathetic. If these are the seats the Libertarians are so proud of and count, well I'm not impressed. 38 partisan seats. 116 non partisan. Non partisan doesn't count in my book.

    So really you guys have 38 seats. And reading through the entire list, I didn't see one greater than town mayor. Maybe I missed one, but still..

    Brian Holtz
    Purissima Hills Water District Board President, California
    Frank Manske
    Mount Diablo Healthcare District Board, California
    Jack Hickey
    Sequoia Healthcare District Board, California
    James Guadagni
    Liberty Elementary School Governing Board, California
    Jason Gonella
    Lake Los Angeles Town Council, California
    John Camera
    Van Nuys Neighborhood Council, California
    John Harrington
    San Gabriel City Council, California
    John Inks
    Mountain View City Council, California
    Jonathan D Hall
    Tehachapi Cummings Water District Board, California
    Kate O'Brien
    Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District Board, California
    Lawrence Samuels
    Seaside Project Area Committee Chairman, California
    Linda Strom
    Lakeside Community Planning District, California
    Marian Smithson
    West Covina Treasurer, California
    Norm Westwell
    Ocean View School District Board, California
    Phillip Leavitt
    Carlotta Community Services District Board, California
    Robert Dickson
    Timber Cove Fire Protection District Board, California
    Rodger Musso
    Black Oak Mine Unified School District Governing Board, Seat 2, California
    Timothy Healey
    Fair Oaks Water District Board, District 1, California
    Tom Tryon
    Calaveras County Board of Supervisors, District 4, California
    Vern Dahl
    Lucia Mar Unified School District Board, California

    The entire list

    My advise Grump is stop wasting your time debating me on why I should vote for less than a snowball, and start working on raising the total up from 38. Get some state senators and congressmen. 38 is not impressive to me at all. Its just pathetic
  7. Now you are catching on. Little baby steps by us hardcore types and slowly but slowly but real slowly the world will catch on. The prize accomplishment of the current White House resident has been to get more people to buy guns the accomplishment of the O team has been to show the weakness of the 2 party system. Now we need to get the hoi polloi out of the rut they are in.

    You and me need to sit around a fire on the beach some night drinking bad coffee, catching catfish and discussing anything but politics.
  8. Appliancedude

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    A damned fool, and a pile of fecal matter derived from poultry sitting around a fire on a beach drinking bad coffee, catching catfish and discussing politics sounds like a great idea to me.

    That is until you try to toss my butt in the river:D
  9. Your butt is safe, minnows make the best catfish bait. :D
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