Does this seem suspicious to anyone else?

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  1. carver

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    A drowned body doesn't float, at least not for several days. The article doesn't say if the body was floating, or not, just that she was found under a dock. A drowned body sinks right where it's at. A current can, and will, move a drowned body, but I doubt there is much current in a lake.

  2. jbmid1

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    Feb 3, 2011
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    Good point Carver. From the story, she went swimming and was found the next morning. No talk of any search and rescue efforts. No mention of whether the family noticed she was missing, just enough info. to make me wonder.
  3. WHSmithIV

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    I've known a lot of lakes with reasonable currents - enough certainly to move a body. A lake is fed by a source - be it one or more streams or underground springs and that does create a current. It doesn't have to be much to move a body some distance. West Okojobi Lake has a drainage area of a 125 sq. miles so there is definitely a current. Whether or not there was any foul play will be up to the authorities to determine.
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  5. Had a bad week, was probably fatigued and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she had been drinking. I've done the same thing myself when I was younger adter a hard week or a bad day. Relax with a few brews and when I felt the buzz jumped in the lake and swam across it and back to unwind. She could have hit he head on something diving into the water or gotten a cramp, we will likely never know. I'm sorry for the family, sounds like she was a real champion.
  6. RunningOnMT

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    Yes, it sounds a bit suspicious, but not enough to form any beliefs about. Of course one could speculate..... One thing that doesn't make sense is that her husband wasn't aware of when and how this happened.
  7. cycloneman

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    Dec 16, 2008
    I dont know. What i find hard to believe is that someone wasn't missing that in bed that night.
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