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Discussion in 'The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr' started by Bruce FLinch, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. Bruce FLinch

    Bruce FLinch New Member

    Aug 27, 2005
    Bay Point, Kali..aka Gun Point
    Slick Willy:
    Bill Clinton registers for the draft on September 08, 1964,accepting all contractual conditions of registering for the draft.

    Selective Service Number 3 26 46 228.
    Bill Clinton classified 2-S on November 17, 1964.

    Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on March 20, 1968.

    Bill Clinton ordered to report for induction on July 28, 1969.

    Bill Clinton refuses to report and is not inducted into the military.

    Bill Clinton reclassified 1-D after enlisting in the United States Army Reserves on August 07, 1969, under authority of Col. E. Holmes.

    Clinton signs enlistment papers and takes oath of enlistment.

    Bill Clinton fails to report to his duty station at the University of Arkansas ROTC, September 1969.

    Bill Clinton reclassified 1-A on October 30, 1969, as enlistment with Army Reserves is revoked by Colonel E. Holmes and Clinton now AWOL and subject to arrest under Public Law 90-40 (2)(a) registrant who has failed to report...remain liable for induction.'

    Bill Clinton's birth date lottery number is 311, drawn December 1,1969, but anyone who has already been ordered to report for induction is INELIGIBLE!

    Bill Clinton runs for Congress (1974), while a fugitive from justice under Public Law 90-40.

    Bill Clinton runs for Arkansas Attorney General (1976), while a fugitive from justice.

    Bill Clinton receives pardon on January 21, 1977, from Carter.

    Bill Clinton FIRST PARDONED FEDERAL FELON ever to serve as President of the United States.

    All these facts come from Freedom of Information requests, public laws, and various books that have been published, and have not been refuted by Clinton.

    After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, President Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

    After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed five U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.

    After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
    After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which killed 224 and injured 5,000; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
    After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which killed 17 and injured 39 U.S. sailors; Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished.
    Maybe if Clinton had kept those promises, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC. that are now dead would be alive today.
    This question was raised on a Philly radio call-in show. Without casting stones, it is a legitimate question.
    There are two men, both extremely wealthy. One develops relatively cheap software and gives billions of dollars to charity.
    The other sponsors terrorism. That being the case, why was it that the Clinton Administration spent more money chasing down Bill Gates over the eight years in office, than Osama bin Laden?
    It is a strange turn of events. Hillary gets $8 Million for her forth coming memoir.
    Bill gets about $12 Million for his memoir, "My life."
    This from two people who spent 8 years being unable to recall anything about past events while under oath.
    Cdr. Hamilton McWhorter USN (ret)
    P.S. Please forward this to as many people as you can! We don't want this woman to even THINK of running for President.

  2. Deputy Dawg

    Deputy Dawg Active Member

    Aug 11, 2005
    Central Texas Gulf Coast
    That is for SURE................ :mad: :mad: ,we do not want or need her to control our lives even more than they are now,at lest that is the way feel.
  3. satellite66

    satellite66 New Member

    Oct 6, 2004
    Central NJ
    Anyone who thinks Hillary is not a flaming liberal is blind. She will kill the working man if she gets in. Her cradle to grave it takes a village BS will tax us to death.
    I know why they spent more going after Gates. The left hates capitalism and achievement. Look at the lefts list of foes those evil corporations and people who achieve. :mad:
  4. danurve

    danurve New Member

    Feb 3, 2004
    Syracuse (central) NY
    I realy hate those two. And that is the nicest thing I can say about them.
    I despise poeple who cheer them on. Speaking of that crowd, saw a bumper sticker the other day - you know who for Pres. in '08. That's right, don't think her machine is idle for a minute.
    I know a ton of people who don't like her at all. But there are plenty of mindless compliant pacifists who have been programed to make enough noise.
  5. 1wildbill

    1wildbill New Member

    Apr 9, 2006
    +10 on this, I'll never forget them. :mad: :mad: :mad:
  6. southernshooter

    southernshooter New Member

    Mar 5, 2006
    Deep South Mississippi
    To all the people that hate the presidents we have. I only say one thing we could have worse ones. Including those 2 :)
  7. Meplat

    Meplat New Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    The most frightening thing about Hitlery is the fact that so many on the right dismiss her so lightly. A hint here...B.J. (that's Bill Jefferson...errr...yeah...that's what B.J. stands for...err) was touted as some kind of mental giant, when the truth is that he is at best a bumbler who was able to work an audience. A snake oil salesman with smart handlers. Proof positive came whenever he was subjected to any questions other than the scripted softballs tossed to him by a fauning media. Can you say "it depends on what your definition of "is" is? The brains behind that pair all resided under Hilly's hairdo. Had it not been for her, we would never have been subjected to eight years of BJ.

    Say what you like, the harpy is NOT stupid. Far from it. Evil? Yes. Devious? Absolutely. Power hungry? To the nth power. Stupid, dense or slow? Don't bet your freedom on it. And should she attain any more than the considerable power she already wields as a U.S. Senator, she is gonna be supremely dangerous to that freedom.

    It pains me to see so many say "She doesn't stand a chance." Perhaps...but then again, when the "pretty boy" team of Klinton/Gore first entered the fray, no one gave them much a chance either. I for one never believed that even the people of New York (liberal bastion though it might be) would ever elect this carpet bagger stuck in reverse to represent them as a Senator. Fooled me once. Won't surpise me again.
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