Dorms for permited gun owners...

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    Discrimination is alive and well in America. Most of it promulgated by the US government.

    Affirmative action is direct discrimination if you are not one of the "affirmed"

    Ever heard the phrase "protected class"? This is the exact terminology that the government uses, and it's horrifying.

    Aren't we supposed to have equal protection under the law? How on earth can you single out certain groups and protect them more? Absolutely, positively inarguable that the state promotes discrimination.

    Ever heard of a "hate crime"? Let's say I'm walking down the streets of my hometown and some thug beats the crap out of me. Simple assault, guy gets a fine, maybe a night in jail. I can sue him for my expenses. That's all he gets as I'm straight, white, Christian male.

    Let's say I'm that's a "hate crime" and this guy's facing 10 years in a Federal Pen.

    Explain how I wasn't discriminated against?

    America discriminates today as much as it ever did. It's just cleaner and neater.
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    No seperate blacks==you have not been on a campus.

    Black dorms and athlete dorms are common.

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