Double Barreled 12G shotgun with hammers

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Hello everyone,

    I have had this gun for some time and know very little about it. Looking for any information and estimated value if possible. On the bottom side of the forearm is stamped 142065. On the left side is stamped AMERICAN GUN CO NEW YORK. On the left barrel is stamped GENUINE ARMORY STEEL CHOKE BORED.


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    The use of the name American was common on a number of firearms, however the complete use of " American Gun Company " was a proprietary name used by H&D Folsom on guns they retailed. Folsom was a large sporting goods retailer in existence from the late 1800s until the 1930s.They owned their own firearms company, " Crescent Firearms Company "which they used to fulfill orders. Over the years Crescent manufactured several million shotguns which was sold under several hundred different Store or Trade names. Think of Sears, they sold firearms from a number of different makers and all were marked J.C Higgins or Ted Williams, same practice. For much more information than I feel like typing this morning, google Crescent Firearms Company and you will find a wealth of information. Value? What ever the market will bear, Crescent made good solid utility firearms and even a few very good ones { under their own name }, however most of the trade name firearms do not bring a premium or high value. Your shotgun is in very good shape ( one of the best I've seen ) however I don't think you will achieve more the 3 to 350 for it. Cold be wrong , sure been wrong before:), Perhaps others will have more information. hope that helps
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    Thanks for the all the information. This is definitely more than I had before and greatly appreciated.

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