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    Jun 27, 2011
    I found a gun with US Revolver Co printed on the barrel (one line), when packing up to downsize and not sure where it came from, since it was packed at the bottom of a box, I received over 20 years ago. The barrel is 3" with 5 shots and it still has approximately 90%+ of the original bluish finish. The grips are made of black plastic and have US circled at the top on both sides. I also found the following serial # with no letter in two places....bottom of trigger guard and under the grip on the left strap #98956.

    See pictures attached.

    Can you give me some information on the gun, also what it might be worth and the best way or place to sell?


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    Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the good photos.

    There's a contradiction regarding your example, as the lettering style shown is listed as used 1910-1911, but year of manufacture listed for sn 98956 is 1916 for both small frame .32 and large frame .38.

    The U. S. Revolvers were Iver Johnson's economy brand, made for mail order sales.

    Value maybe in $100-$150 range. The online auctions will get the most exposure but will require shipment to a licensed dealer. Sale to a local dealer or at a gun show will bring the lowest offers, but some may accept it on consignment.

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    Jun 27, 2011

    Thanks for the info!

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