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  1. 45Smashemflat

    45Smashemflat Active Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    OK, so now I've got a Thompson, now I want a drum. Any ideas? I'm not interested in the 10 rounder - a bit of a waste in my opinion.

    Where might I find a 50 or 100 round drum? What can I expect to pay? (I've checked EBay and Gunsamaerica, no joy on either.)

    Any insight would be appreciated....
  2. eBAy will not allow magazines of greater than 10 rounds.

    Original L or C drums will set you back several hundred dollars. Best bet is GunList or Shotgun News.

  3. 45Smashemflat

    45Smashemflat Active Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    Well, that explains that!!

    I'll check out the other tips - thx!
  4. Smashem...I sold my Thompson, but when I had it, I was watching the auctions at Gunbroker...at the time 50's were going for $500.00 +, and 100's were going for more than $1000 +..., they would a been fun (never got one )! That is one heavy fella when ya want to shoulder it...Definitely a hip gun that needs a drum...full auto a'course!...;)

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  5. 45Smashemflat

    45Smashemflat Active Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    That looks a lot like mine - they have changed the from grip to look more original now - its "rounder." Here is a pic of mine for comparison. Not ready to make the big leap to a drum, but I know I will at some point. Got a line on a guy who has a collection of thompsons and gear, gonna see what he might be willing to do.

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  6. JohnK3

    JohnK3 New Member

    May 5, 2003
    Y'all are making me drool!

    I got to fire a Thompson (full-auto, no less!) at an indoor range in downtown Lawrenceville, GA a month or so ago. Talk about a FUN time! I didn't find them too heavy with the stick mag, but I can imagine they'd be a bear with the drum!
  7. 45Smashemflat

    45Smashemflat Active Member

    Oct 6, 2003
    It definitely falls into the "fun gun" category for me. Hip shots on pepper poppers are too cool. Not a real "carry around" gun, as its a bit hefty - weighers as much as my Blaser sniper rifle. But that really dampens the recoil of the blow-back 45ACP action. Its easy to shoot fast.
  8. henry0reilly

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    May 22, 2004
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