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    Exactly the same way? I've looked at my Colts a few times, and I have never seen tranfer bars, coiled stainless steel springs, or investment cast receivers. There are many copies of the Colt out there. But Ruger isn't one of them. The Ruger looks like Colt's gun. But that's about as far as it goes.
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    Wellllll.....Eli Whitney didn't invent standardized parts. It was first applied by a Frenchman actually. Ol' Eli did tinker with getting muskets built that way but he died bankrupt over some other businesses.

    The 10-shot may not be the pedigree example of a pepperbox. Maybe it is just a box.

    Funny that those thousands of fools asked for a revolver that feels and shoots like a Colt. This is testament to themselves? Nope. That logic goes in circles. Anyone who picked up a Colt, then a Blackhawk, wanted the Colt back. Come on. And the Super Blackhawk was born for hunters who wanted better than either.

    You can say you don't want a SA revolver for a serious weapon. But you cannot say someone else doesn't. No more could I say that since I don't like .41 Magnum than neither does anyone else. That bucket don't hold water. You can pick apart why A, B, and C are better than X, but if Ricky Bobby from Soggybottom, Florida wants to carry a SA revolver than that is his business. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you, so let me know.

    If CAS caused Ruger to make a handier Vaquero...that is a credit, not a minus.
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    do you by chance know of any one making something along these lines? I know of a Pieta 3 barrel caplock kit... but, one, well it's Pieta and 2 it's a caplock. I am rather fond of flinters m'self.
    If there is, url?
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