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  1. The movie aired tonight, again. It falls far short of the detailed richness of the novel. Not a science fiction fan? How about historical politics? By Frank Herbert, I recommend Dune to all ages.

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    May 22, 2004
    Good stuff

    I read the Dune series many years ago, might get around to it again some day.

    It's good reading.

  3. Dune was the first Sci-Fi I ever read. Then read them all. I remember going to the Movie Theatre when it came out. Four of us , enjoyed the Movie, but agreed, the film left out too much info. & now ol' Kyle Maclanahan is on Desperate Housewives!

    ANother Favorite Book of mine is Altlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand . Great read!
  4. I read Ayn Rand too. Makes one think.

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    Dune is the only book I read twice, except for the Hobbit series. (3 times)

    Was this the original movie, or the remake?
  6. The only film I know of, made some 12-13 (can't remember the credit) years ago, did not have the time to tell the story. While it treated certain things well, unless one knows the story, Dune (the film) is hard to follow.

    Very few films (if written from books) follow the books. One that did was "Rosemary's Baby", but subsequent versions that I have seen over the years don't match the original film; somethings are withheld, for our protection, of course. Would you have it any other way? Is it not always best to let others decide what we need to see? Of course it is. We are too stupid to know what to watch, or allow our children to watch. The government must decide these things for us. We should feel blessed that we don't have to work these issues out for ourselves. It is always good to let someone else do your thinking .........STOP!

    I hope you were not paying attention, because I was being my usual obnoxious smart $%^ self.

    Take care, everyone

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    Dune . . . the book was terrific, but the movie stank like Purina Vulture Chow. The producers should have stayed with the story, but wasted huge chunks of the movie on gross-out scenes. Bleah!
  8. The last time I shopped, there were several prequels, and a series of sequels written by the son and a professional writer. While well written, none come close to the caliber of Frank Herbert's talent. A good parallel example would be the works of Ian Flemming. None of the later novels that attempt to emulate that style come remotely close to the originals.

    Cheap books with large font that attempt to camoflauge the fact that far less literary content, style, and talent are displayed is a format more suited to the Hardy Boys, or Nancy Drew, which undoubtedly generate sales. I loved the Hardy Boys as a very young boy, but after glancing at one in a book store about 10 years ago, I thought it silly that I once enjoyed that level of literature. I should sample some of the Harry Potter books; they seem to appeal to the younger set. Bless her! She's got the young ones reading, which is a step in the right direction.

    Now, if we could just get the boys to pull their pants up, it would be a huge step for mankind. I mean, don't they realize how stupid pockets look halfway between their knees and butt, with the crotch down somewhere around their ankles?

    Activate Rant Wrapper.

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