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    Clarify for me, if you would, what you are recommending.

    Don't shoot at the animal, but just blast randomly, hoping the noise will scare him off, and let the bullets go everywhere willy-nilly?

    Wound an animal, but don't kill it?
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    Jul 1, 2007

    OK here is the rules on Legal "aliens" and firearms ownership. first off you will have to have resided here for more than 90 days legally, and prove this fact this will require utility bills in your name for three months and a sale or lease agreement in your name as well as ALL legally required identification. you will also need a reason for this firearm such as a valid hunting license SEE: and go to 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and go to 922 (y) (2) and (3) (on page 15) Also referenced in General Information on page 155 the legal requirements for a transfer of firearms to an "alien" I can scan and Email you the back of form 4473 so you can see what you will need in "readers digest" form but the rules are on those pages. Good Luck! Michael

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    Jul 1, 2007
    Also now that I have re read your initial Question if possible look for a smaller (16 inch barrelled) lever action in a big bore round like 454 casull or at least 44 magnum. The lever will give you good follow up shot speed and a light rifle as you will only be shooting at close range (when you are attacked) The big bore bullets will break bones and collapse lungs which is what you need to STOP an attacking animal. As stated in other posts you will not be likely to be able to get a handgun. As you may have figured out I am a licensed firearms dealer. Lastly in NH where I live I keep a loaded .45ACP 1911 style with 10 rounds in it all the time we don't have the kodiak grizzlies here but the brown and black bears are pretty big at times too.
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