Egyptian Hakin-Ljungman

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    Dec 20, 2003
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    I am the new owner of a Egyptian Hakin-Ljungman in 8 mm.

    Anyone have any real experince with this neat and unique 1940's Semi-auto rifle?

    I have all the history [Swedish tooling, made in Egypt, 70,000 made, unique operation (no bolt handle, just grasp receiver cover and pull back to open bolt),adjustable gas system that impinges on the bolt face, disassembly instructions}].

    Anyone reload 8 mm for these guns? What bullet weight works best? 175 grainers OK?

    Anyone fooled with the adjustable gas system?

    Anyone got any field reports on shooting them?

  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    My Bro-on-law had one about 30 years ago that I shot a couple of times before I really appreciated what I was shooting, but I Know he has at least one actual Ljungman in his collection today, he was always high on it because he's part Swedish.

    He was heavily into Mausers back then, and shot a lot of milsurp, so I THINK he just used regular 8mm Mauser Milsurp through his Hakim...

  3. TRAP55

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    LD, I have one, that's a MG-13 mag modified to fit, holds 25 rounds. Muzzle blast from the brake is horrendous , shooters at the bench next to you will give you dirty looks even if your brass doesn't put a lump on their head.
    The gas system is adjustable with a special tool, TAPCO makes a cheap plastic one that works. Very important to have it set right or stuff breaks, and DO NOT shoot Turkish MilSurp in it! Too hot for it, Romanian or Yugo Milsurp works good, light ball seems to work best. Here's a good link with disassembly instructions right side of the page.

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