Eisenhower's Message

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  1. Sometimes the most important things must be expressed simply:


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    God bless those that fought and died so that we may live free of tyranny and oppression.
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    There it is.
    Thanks, Pistol, and thanks to all the Vets.

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    Thank you for the reminder, Pistol

    With God's help let us never forget those who fought for freedom and lost there lives trying. Equally bless those who fought and survived and continue to fight today.

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    Nov 15, 2006
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    Hey Pistol, along with the previous posts, I wanted to Thank You. I also do not for an instance doubt our service members courage, however I do fear what the leaders in Washington may lead us into,not the fight over there. The total bankruptcy of our financial system. What easier way to bring America down.:( We have to keep our voices heard by our elected members of congress and the senate. catfish
  6. We may have to depend on our Revolutionary roots to teach the lesson....

    Thanks Pistol, Darn Local Newspaper said squat...:mad:
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