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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by polishshooter, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Dec 12, 2011
    No, he was not a tack when he was in office. Read some books. For cabinet meetings they put elevated notecards in front of him with the pictures and a bio of each person so he could figure out members of his cabinets on certain days. Reagan did NOT run this country, someone else did. He wasn't a spring chicken when he was in office and people have had early onset of it at younger ages than Reagan was at. Sorry to burst your bubble.
  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    It's no bubble. Led. Add yeah, I actually do "read some books" occasionally....;):D:D:p:p

    There's conflicting histories out there regarding everyone in history, depending on the "historians" perspective and agenda. I have read those accounts, as well as others where they are discounted...

    ESPECIALLY those "cards...." Using cards to keep your thoughts in line and organized in Public Speaking is STILL encouraged....but if somebody used them today, in the age of "teleprompters?" "Look, he has to use CARDS!"

    But Obama fails MISERABLY as a "Gifted Speaker" when he goes off prompter...maybe he SHOULD use them, much less BIDEN....

    The same thing was said about Eisenhower, remember?

    And Republicans said it about FDR...

    Hell, people are still trying to make Bill Clinton out as some kind of "Decisive Leader" today! (Much less trying to elevate Jimmy Carter....)

    "Leadership" is something that is always debateable as to how to achieve it or who actually has it at the time he is a leader...

    But AFTER the fact it is easy to see who had it when it counted and who didn't...

    NO ONE can argue that Reagan "had it."

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    Feb 19, 2011
    Led-Be careful telling Polish to read books because he has made more than man a couple of TFF members, me included rethink our knowlege on anything about history. He went to college about history and he continues to study since he got out of college and he knows all about this stuff. My daddy, RIP, was a reagan Democrat and thought the world of him. When Carter was in, my daddy lost his job then under regan took over he got a better one and we never did better that when he was in charge.
  4. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Thanks KY but kudos not needed. I am pretty happy that anyone still READS.

    Yeah I have read a LOT, but the old saw still stands..."The more you know the LESS you KNOW."

    About the only thing my degree taught me is "Don't believe everything you read or are taught...."

    Read everything about a topic you can find then make your OWN mind up on the "available evidence."

    I think it started in my very first History course, Western Civ 101. Taught by a 6'6" Fransciscan Monk with a deep voice and a thick New Joisey accent who chain smoked camel filterless during class and NEVER exhaled, never missed a beat in his lecture even pulling the pack from the sleeve of his robe, flipping one in his mouth and flicking open and lighting the Zippo with one hand...you would swear the smoke came out of his EARS...

    He made us study what a bunch of famous historians said about all the important points of Western Civ...we got the input from everyone from Santayana to Gibbon to Karl Marx (yeah, he was a HISTORIAN) on everything from the original Greek Democracies to the fall of the Roman Empire from about half a dozen DIFFERENT historians...and it taught us there are WILDLY different "learned" opinions about ANYTHING in History....and incidentally that Karl Marx was full of CRAP.:p

    Heck, I'm CATHOLIC, born and raised, and it was a CATHOLIC University! And I learned MORE about the corruption and down right UnChristian actions of the Catholic Church during the middle ages from a pious Fransiscan PRIEST....he even taught us you will have a STRONGER Faith if you DO question it!

    That's why History is an ART not a SCIENCE....

    Father Conan, RIP, taught us to THINK for ourselves....NOT to take somebody elses opinion as fact, on ANYTHING....

    A FAR cry from the drivel college kids are being taught TODAY, from their Liberal professors, by the way.:cool:
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    Nov 25, 2011
    I'm afraid much of today's education is along the lines of brainwashing in PC rather than learning to think.

    Your professor gave you a rare gift in teaching you how to gather evidence, evaluate, sift, and come to conclusions based on facts, not regurgitating fatuous liberal mantras.
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