Eligible or not?

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    Suppose for a minute that the current Prez is found to be NOT ELIGIBLE to be prez or hold that office. What then is the next step for removal and who would start proceedings? And if he were to be removed because of his INELIGIBLE status, then Biden would surely become the next prez. Would we really want that? He, IMO, would be worse than what we have. And would Pelosi advance to VP or would someone else have to be chosen for that position? I'm really not sure about how all this would be handled and by whom. Probably congress? I think our country is in some deep trouble as it is and would be worse off if there were a change in leadership. Make no mistake about it, I am NOT HAPPY with the current leaders, but what choice does america really have at this point?
  2. You have the succession correct; but no proceedings would be necessary to remove him because he was never actually president, if he failed to meet the Constitutional qualifications. As it is, any statutes or bills that he authorizes could be void if he is not in fact properly qualified as it is. I see people defending criminal charges in the future on the ground that the statute under which the defendant was charged was void due to a lack of proper presidential authorization. Here's another wrinkle: I've heard that Hawaii has produced an "original" birth certificate showing live birth in Hawaii subsequent to the admission of Hawaii as a state. All that means, though, is that they produced a document and that document is the original one that they produced, not that it's actually the "original original". In other words, it's basically a certified replication of data. The wrinkle is that Hawaii has a long history of political corruption, basically for the same culturally-defective (in my opinion) reasons as do Chicago and Maryland. I'd always be suspicious that the documentation was "invented", supplied on request, and does not reflect reality. But there's no provision for another election; Biden would become president. I suspect he was selected for the same reason as Spiro Agnew. After all, who'd want to assassinate the president knowing HE's going to take over?

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    To answer your question, should a candidate be found ineligible for high political office (House, Senate, or White House) he or she would never make it thru the nomination or election process. He (or she) would be dropped from the ballot the minute anything disqualifying appeared.

    Now , I know some of the other people on this site have law enforcement experience (as do I). Take a look at the background investigations they go through to become a police officer. It is not easy. Multiply that times 100 and you have some idea of the scrutiny a Senator gets. Multiply that by 10000, and you'd be close to the microscope over a Presidential candidate.

    To have an ineligible person actually elected would require defrauding the US Secret Service, Congress, every federal law enforcement agency, AND both US and worldwide media. Not likely.

    On another note, I think Dan Quayle still stands as the worst VP in history. His quotes are AWESOME! "The holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history.… No, not our nation's, but in World War II. I mean, we all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century, but in this century's history." Wow. Just....wow. :D :D
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    Dan Quayle is the worst VP in history because he stumbled over his words? Wow! Obama stumbles everytime the teleprompter fails... Using your logic, Obama's the worst president ever.

    Remember these words from the Fox News thread, that you wrote:

    It's not okay for Fox News to do it, but it's okay for Deathbunny.
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    Here's you. -->

    Now waaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over here --> is my point.

    You missed it.

    Stumbling on a teleprompted speech happens to everyone who uses one, eventually. Even Quayle. No biggie.

    However, ol' Dan had a career-long habit of saying stuff that was contradictory, incorrect or just plain unitelligible. So many that there are whole lists of funny stuff he said. Here are a couple:



    This is the man who (if something happened to George Sr.) could've be President. You don't find that at all unnerving?
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    First of all, that was 20 years ago and he never became president. Secondly, you provided a link to quotes all taken out of context. There was no information about where those quotes came from, just that they came from Dan Quayle. Many of those quotes don't seem to be all that goofy... perhaps I don't understand them. Twenty years ago, I was more concerned about when the next episode of the Simpsons was going to be on. I was in 8th grade, I believe, so forgive me if I know very little about Dan Quayle.

    I do fail to see how Dan Quayle's inability to speak clearly has anything to do with a conversation on a man's eligibility for President. It seemed more to me to be an aside than an actual contribution to the conversation.
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    I think Biden is too much of an IDIOT to be the type of president obama is. He would screw up alot of what obama was trying to do. He can't keep his mouth shut for two minutes when he's got a secret, and would let the cat out of the bag on what his administration was really trying to do. I fear Biden and Pelosi much less than obama.
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    Not to mention that the people who were actually running for office against him would have brought it up during the campaign. They didn't.

    Quayle got a bum rap. He needed another decade of experience before he was put up for a position like that. It was nice to try to appeal to younger voters, but someone has to be ready for the job regardless. Basically, he was sold out by his party. It's pretty much impossible to refuse the offer and they shouldn't have made it to him.
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