Elk Hunting in Vermont

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  1. TF118

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    Mar 24, 2003
    If anybody wants to do an Elk hunt up here and have any difficulties contacting Richard Nelson then just contact me or my brother Mitch and we'll contact him and give him the name and number of anyone interested and he'll contact them ASAP to setup the hunt ...Richard is hard to get in touch with only because he's so busy on all their farms, but he said $4,500.00 on average for an Elk.
    Next summer he is building some ground blinds/shooting house's of wood for wheelchair hunters big enough for 2 people also he's going to get a web site going so pass the word...they also have Fallow & White tail deer, Moose & turkey .....a camp with a trout pond... don't have all the details on all the options yet but they're good people and well setup with the biggest Elk
    in the U.S.


    Richard Nelson
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    Phone: 802 334-6867

    Gaboriault, Mitchell J
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    Gaboriault, Mike
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  2. TF118

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    Mar 24, 2003
    Elk Hunt in Vermont

    6 x 6 Elk, aprox. 950 lbs. rack measures over 50 inches long with a 48 inch spread, scores over 300 points.
    Shot at 106 yards / paces walking with 7mm Rem. mag, mounted in my Be Adaptive gun mount one shot thru the lungs.

    The Elk hunt was on a hunting preserve in Irasburg, Vermont , Saturday 12/6/03, and they set me up in a good spot and then went out to try to locate a good bull and try to push him out to me...it worked, kinda...the bull came out behind me and my hunting blind isn't really big when you have 2 people and equipment inside so doing a 180 with my gun mounted was an event in itself ...then I had no time to loose he was almost back out of sight and moving but I got him in my scope with perfect elevation and so while keeping him in my scope I pulled ahead and let him step into my cross hairs...sipped on my trigger sip switch and he stopped in his tracks and stood still for an instant, just long enough for me to say "WHAT THE F%@K", because I know my rifle and I knew I had taken a good shot...but he didn't fall !! I'm use to knocking my target down, one shot, one kill, but not him, my rifle is bolt action and I was saying "reload, reload !" because of being quadriplegic I can't operate the bolt...the bull quivered full body, then heaved deeply and began walking ..then he tried to run but his front legs buckled, he kept pushing his chest along, he got up, staggered a little and crashed into the edge of the wood line where pictured.

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  3. warpig

    warpig Guest

    Damn that is one NICE bull.

    I hope to have a chance at getting one some day.
  4. bigboom338

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    Mar 27, 2003
    South Dakota
    Nice Bull TF118 sounds like you had a very good hunt in spite of the usual difficultys we all face when hunting from a blind ( the animal appears on the wrong side). Congrats.
  5. Zigzag2

    Zigzag2 Guest

    Ol Gabby's quite the Sportsman!

    Way to go Gabby!!!
  6. misiu

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    Apr 12, 2003
    British Columbia
    Darn nice bull there-congratulations and enjoy the good eating too!! Don't be surprised it didn't drop in its tracks-they are in my opinion the most tenacious of all the deer. I have had the good fortune to harvest 15 elk to date and only 1 of them fell in its tracks.

    Good luck in the future:) :)
  7. Marlin

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    Terrific, Gabby. BTW, I wasn't aware of there being enough in any New England state to hunt them, and I was brought up in them thar parts of the country!

    I'd like to go after an elk one day but so far its only a dream. We don't have the opportunity in the immediate area, though.
  8. TF118

    TF118 New Member

    Mar 24, 2003
    Thanks everyone ...and these Elk had been imported some years ago and raised & bred up here on a private preserve they are no longer indigenous to New England, a long time ago there were Elk here, that particular breed however is now extinct.
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