'Enders Special Service' Shotgun

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  1. mole4x4
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    I have a enders special service 12 gauge shotgun I,m looking for any info I can get , value , worth . Its in good condition I still use it, mostly skeet.


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    This is what I can find...
    Several variations of this name were used by Crescent Firearms Company on guns made for the Shapleigh Hardware Company of St. Louis, MO in the early 1900s. Hunter Arms Co. of Fulton, NY, used the Enders Royal Service name on some of their Fulton models. All were inexpensive mass produced shotguns circa 1890-1910

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    Hi Mole4x4.....welcome to TFF.

    My info is a little different, Ziggy.

    Enders Special Service: Trade name used by the Crescent Davis Firearms Company of shotguns made for the Simmons Hardware Company of St. Louis, Missouri.

    Anyway, Mole4x4, both Ziggy and I are unanimous that your shotgun was made by Crescent.

    The Crescent Fire Arms Co. was located in Norwich, Ct. and started making guns in 1892. They made decent quality, inexpensive shotguns under a large number of trade names, store "private labels", mail order house private brands.

    In 1930 they were bought by J. Stevens and the operations were moved to the Savage/Stevens plant in Springfield, Mass.

    In order to give you any sort of value, we'll need a lot more information. Single shot or SxS? Hammer or hammerless? And.....condition, condition, condition?

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    thanks for the info, as for as condition its a sxs, hammerless, the metal is in very very good condition , the wood on it shows its age but stll in fair condition . hope this helps
    uh ya it shoots awsomeand working parts are smooth.


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    OK.....as I said before, these were decent quality, but inexpensive in their day....and they certainly aren't rare, so their value isn't very high.

    60% = $65
    70% = $85
    80% = $100
    90% = $125
  2. wlouis

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    May 6, 2012
    I have a Enders Royal Service SXS marked on the left barrel under the forend piece with the letters W F & CO EX.
    I suspect/hope it is made by Crescent for Shapleigh Hardware for Wells Fargo Express.
    Is there a way to confirm this such as shipping records from Shapleigh Hardware?

  3. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    Unfortunately no, and I hate to dash your hopes but the odds are 99 and 9/10 per-cent against it being authentic. This has been hashed over a number of times, because wells Fargo had no set procedure on marking equipment. Each local office brought it's own equipment and decided if it need marked. As a result it opened the door to a slew of counterfeiters who manufactured Wells Fargo, guns, tables, chests, ashtrays, thunder mugs, you name it, they made and sold it. If all the guns marked Wells Fargo were authentic, they would have had a armory of a size that would have rivaled many governments. Sorry about that,. I hope you didn't buy it as a Wells Fargo gun.
  4. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    A few guns are known to have been bought by WF&Co. and factory marked for them, but fot the most part the only way to prove Wells Fargo ownership of a given item is through documentation, and that also can be forged. Collecting WF items is a minefield and an easy way to get burned.

    (I have a Wells Fargo marked ball pen, which dates back to the Old West (2011); it is for sale for only $500. I am willing to let it go because I will pick up another one when I get into their office.)

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