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Enfield Bayo...

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by polishshooter, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. polishshooter

    polishshooter Active Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    At the Gun Show yesterday, I was looking for a cheap bayonet for my Enfield....I ended up buying a no-markings-no sheath spike for $5 just to say I did, but I ALMOST bought a decent Long Branch marked spike for $18, and a SWEET looking Long Branch marked bowie for $30, but I was watching my "budget" for my wife's B'Day, so maybe I'll get them in January when the "guilt factor" is lower....;)

    But what one would be "correct" for my 1944 Long Branch? Was the Bowie or the spike the "wartime" bayo?

    I also checked a mainly US parts guy that had a bin of Enfield stuff, he had about 20 WWII well marked excellent looking British Khaki slings for $15, all marked 1944 or 1945.....I should have bought one, but I thought I'd go back, but by the time i was done I was out of money and too tired to find where he was again....I'll pick it up in January too...
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2006
  2. Polish, I SURE your wife would just love a nice Long Branch bowie for her birthday. Of course, you might have to be a tad careful that she doesn't decide to test it out . . . on you! :D
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