Enfield No4 MkI

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Ain't nothing wrong with Rimmed cartridges, JLA!;)

    In fact, they just might be arguably BETTER for a bolt action military gun, no matter how many times you shoot them, throat/chamber erosion has no bearing on headspace like a rimless round...in fact, you will RARELY find ANY military action with it's original barrel firing a rimmed round to ever have a headspace issue...about the ONLY way it can happen is "bolt head set back," which RARELY if ever happens firing factory military ammo, usually only with a LOT of "hot" hand loads....

    And as for OLD.... ;):) Maybe the stuff like .455 Martini, the .50 Spencer, the .43 Egyptian, or 11.4 Werndl cartridges are OLD...but the .303 is still pretty "modern" thank you very much!:) In the same way the .45-70, the .45 Colt, the .30-30, the 7.62x54, and the .220 Swift are too!;)

    The .303 is still a pretty decent round for hunting even up to Moose sized animals...ask Bunnyhunter or Southernshooter ;)

    It may not be as VERSATILE as more modern cartridges, but it still is good at what it does and has done for a while....and will be forever....

    (Sorry, you can tell I like "old rimmed cartridges" huh?:))
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    i agree 1 million percent polish, i was just trying to point out, in an indiscreet manner, that i an against butchering vintage mil-surp to make a modern looking deer rifle, besides i like the "old" rimmed cartridges too. and you forgot to mention, in your hufff about the 303 that if you handload properly for a given rifle your cartridges will headspace off the rim and the shoulder(in the bottlenecked versions only) and thats better than only headspacing off the shoulder:)
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