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  1. i inherited two shotguns from my great grandfather,one is an essex in 410 gauge single shot.the other is a 410 pistol of essex manufacture.the pistol has the original box with a cartoon type printing that shows an old man going to the out house with a snake coiled inside.the caption says (arent you glad you have your essex today)has anyone heard of essex. old semperfi
  2. The gun(s) are what are known as "Trade Brand Name" shotguns. That is a shotgun made by a major maker for and sold by a wholesaler or retailer who chose the name to go on the gun. In this case, there were three makers over the life of the name and one seller. Guns with the name Essex were made by the Crescent Fire Arms Co of Norwich, CT (1892 to 1931), J. Stevens Arms Co of of Chicopee Falls, MA (1916 TO 1942) and the Harrington & Richardson Arms Co of Worchester,MA (1872 to1985). The guns were made for and sold by the Belknap Hardware Company of Louisville,KY a large wholesale sporting goods dealer. Have to offer a caution here. The guns were designed for and made to the specifications of the times. They were made for either black powder or early low pressure smokeless powder ammunition and have shorter chambers that present modern shotguns. They were not designed for more modern high pressure smokeless powder, longer (3 inch) shells and steel shot.While they may still be fired with appropriate ammunition, I recommend that they be inspected by a good qualified gunsmith before firing one. Value? Value will depend on the guns condition, the amount of original finish remaining on the metal and wood as well as the mechanical condition. Standard gauges value range from a high of about $175 for one that appears to have come out of the factory yesterday afternoon to less than $10 for a rusty rotten incomplete piece of junk fit only for a fireplace poker.

  3. thanks ton for info,i have had these a long time and not known anything about them,as for value,they are in excellant condition but are not and never will be for sale for any amount.i will pass them along when the time comes.thanks again old semperfi
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