Ethics of gifting a gun.

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    Double D This is a hard one to anser ther are to many variables.If I gave a gun to someone it is thiers to do with what they want.If i gave them the gun because they needed one (say to hunt) and they sold it to "upgrade" or sold it to pay the bills I don't think i would have a problem and if i did i would keep it to myself.But to say i would not give him another I don't know:confused: I'm not sure. I might ask him what he plans to do with it but you know I'm not sure.............GOOFY:)
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    Its totally up to the individual. I say, dont give the gift if you are going to get mad later. Just keep it and give them something else. Or, completely detach yourself from it when it leaves your hand. I would think a real friend that got the gift from you would hold some sentimental value in it and not want to sell it. But, no two people think alike.

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Getting back to the original post...I can tell you from first hand experience that one should always be careful of who ends up for a firearm of which you are the original owner.

    A long time ago I was looking for a compound bow. A friend told me of a coworker that had one he wanted to sell or trade for a gun. I told my friend I had a Ruger 10/22 I would be willing to trade for it. The coworker agreed so my friend handled the swap..delivering my rifle to his coworker and his compound bow to me. I had never even met the coworker at that time. Some time later the guy was killed in a motorcycle/truck accident. I never thought anything about what happened to the .22, that was history...or so I thought.

    Then one day almost 20 years later I get a phone call from a BATF agent. he started out saying, "You are the owner of a Ruger 10/22 rifle?" I said no, forgetting about the one I had owned so many years before. Raising his voice he asked me again "You didn't purchase a Ruger 10/22 serial number xxxxxxx, from such and such a store on such and such a date???" Then the lightbulb went off in my head and I said ? "Oh yes I'm sorry I did, but I sold it years ago." "Who did you sell it to?" I had to think for a minute then said, "Oh, correction, I didn't sell it, I traded it" The agent now obviously annoyed said "Well, who did you trade it to?" "Umm, I don't remember." Following a long silence "You don't remember?" Then I told him that a friend acted as a go between for the transaction. "What's your friend's name?" I told him. "What's his address?" "I don't know it off hand". "What's his phone number?" I couldn't remember as my friend and I had kind of lost contact after he got married. "I'll have to look for it". "OK, I'll call you back in an hour". So I frantically rumaged through old address books until I found the number, then called up my friend to verify it was still a good number and tip him off to the BATF inquiry.

    So when the agent called back I gave him the phone number and the agent said "OK, I may or may not be out to visit you in person. I then asked "What's the problem with this rifle?" "It was found at the scene of an execution/homicide". I said "Oh Sh**!" He said "Yeah, Oh sh**!" then "let this be a lesson to you. Anytime you transfer ownership of a firearm from you to any other person make sure you write down that persons name and at least their drivers license number and keep it with your permanent records."
    Then I remembered several other guns I had sold to people I didn't even know, and have been holding my breath ever since.

    So just remember when you are the owner of record of a firearm, and that firearm ever turns up at the scene of a crime, and you can't provide authorities with a person you transferred ownership to, you are an immediate suspect. Just something to think about.
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    Now THAT is a good story, ROMT. Thanks for sharing it.
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    i'm VERY, VERY selective of who i'd give a firearm to. i have given them as gifts, but only to my immediate family.

    however, i'm of the mindset that if you've given it away, its theirs to do w/ what they please...

    that's another reason why i'm so selective! lol!
  7. Bobitis

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    Just to set a couple things straight.

    Yes, I won the 60. Did I win a prize, or did I recieve a gift?
    It originally belonged to TFF and was given to me. I arleady had 2 Marlin .22s, and have no more room for another. Maybe I'm selfish, but I didn't want to tell Sam to give it to the next pick. You must admit that many of us have plenty of firearms already. So I thought about it.

    I remeber Beths 1st post here. She was green as could be, and NO ONE ever flamed her for asking questions that most of us know. She had a couple firearms, but never mentioned a .22. For all I knew, she had never even shot one before. So now she has had all her questions answered with the respect that I've come to expect from every member here. In that vane. I opted to forward the rifle to her.
    In my opinion, she was the most worthy recipient. As it turns out, she has come to love that rifle FAR more than I ever would have. And for what it's worth, it was never meant to be a gift from 'me'. It was a gift from TFF and all the members here that have held her hand and have come to know her as one of the family.

    No one at TFF has ever told me I couldn't enter another drawing for a 60. I choose not to so others may have a better opportunity.

    As for the wedding stuff... I was engaged to my 1st gf 30 years ago. When we split, she gave the ring back to me. She had recently given me a very expensive Pentax camera, and I didn't feel comfortable keeping it, so I left it with her. When I got divorced, we gave our rings back. What are either of us gonna do with the ex's wedding band?:rolleyes:

    A gift is simply that. The recipient is free to do whatever they choose. HOWEVER! If I gave someone anything, and they at a later date offerd to sell it back to me, there would be hell to pay.:mad:
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    No one at tff would ever tell you you couldnt enter another drawing. How that got mis-construed is beyond me. I never implied that it should be done. I simply asked a question that was relevant to the subject. I simply used that as an example to having strings attached to giving something. And as I have said over and over, I dont believe in strings. Every prize or giveaway is a gift from a member or from the forum and everyone can enter every single one as long as they meet the post requirement. If you win for 3 months in a row, you can enter the 4th month too. So, hopefully thats cleared up.
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    On the wedding part just give her what she wants and send her on her way.or was that divorce? hmmmm i get em mixed up.
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    I find its easier to just stay married..:D
  11. ka64

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    DD when I said Yep, I meant that to be solely me not anyone else.
    That was my conviction of how I strongly personable meant about me only.
  12. Double D

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    Its all good. Just wanted to be clear!
  13. ka64

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    It's all good brotha thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2011
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    My friend., a disabled vet., knew he was about to die and gave me all of his guns except for one. A 44mg hoglage that he sold to his brother for $100. I was po'd but he said I would just get in trouble with it. It was his to do with as he pleasesd so I had to accept his dicission.
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