Excam Targa GT-27 .25 auto

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  1. flourchild

    flourchild New Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    Was just given a Excam Targa GT-27 .25 auto a buddy said he was cleaning out the guncase and no longer needed the little feller so it had to go he wouldn't take any $$ for it said take have fun. My question is anyone have any info on it and would it be worth giving a overhaul and spending $18 a box for .25 rounds for it? heavy little booger parts are available from Bobs Gun shop online http://www.gun-parts.com/excam/ any input would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. runswithscissors

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    Feb 5, 2010
    I think it would be worth getting into firing condition. You might find some ammo now and then at a gun show that will be a little cheaper than you mentioned, but rule is if it's a 25, it's going to be expensive to shoot for any ammo you find. I've had a couple different ones and they were more of a curio for me, but still firearms non the less and interesting enough to have. I was given both of mine and actually gave them both to a friend that is really into the little buggers, so I was happy to let them go to someone who really enjoyed them as they were a little too expensive in the ammo aspect for me when the fun factor was small compared to a good old 22 rimfire.

  3. flourchild

    flourchild New Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    Well I did take it to a shop to have it looked at what it's doing is it misfires. It will miss the first 2 pulls then fire then miss another pull then fire was wondering if anyone has a clue to what could be wrong with it? Guy at the shop says of course he's gotta get into it and all but parts may not exist although I've found what looks like a total rebuild list of parts from bobs gun shop on line. Not sure he wants to do the job or maybe wants to turn my head around on repair costs becuase I know pretty much nothing about it.
    What I really would like to know is the age and value of the heavy little thing, only thing I've found so far is that it may be pre 1980's and it's made in Italy. Thanks for all your help I do appreciate it.
  4. RJay

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    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    GT 27, imported by Excam, made by Tanfoglio Brothers { Tanarmi }, Brecia, Italy, same gun as the TA 27 {Guiseppe Tanfoglio, who succeeded the Two Brothers }. It would have been made prior to 1968 when the importation of those small handguns was banned. For the money they were a decent little gun, of course not to the same standers as the Walther's, Colt or Browning's. Guns are really simple machines, ( for the most part ) and the GT 27 is a easy little gun to work on if all you are doing is replacing parts such the firing pin and springs. However I don't feel it's worth a gunsmiths wages to repair, only if you are doing it your self. Value if NIB is only around 100 and in poor condition around 25 dollars.
  5. EL TORO

    EL TORO New Member

    Mar 28, 2010
    I'm sorry, but they were not a quality firearm, and I would not pay the price of a box of shells to shoot it. Remove the firing pin and use as a paperweight on your desk./.
  6. Bill DeShivs

    Bill DeShivs Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2006
    They are all steel guns-crude, but not at all unsafe. Much better guns than Ravens and Jennings.
  7. snaproll

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    Jan 1, 2010
    The Tanfoglio GT series was a fair pistol in the lower price range. In good condition, they don't jam, misfire, of fly apart like some of the saturday night variety. For the record, Tanfoglio was also a sub contractor who built many of the Berettas in circulation today. Replace your firing pin, adjust the magazine (sometimes are bent causing a misfeed), and try it out. If it is not reliable, make a good paperweight out of it. My GT series has never jammed, is as accurate as my S&W, and is easy to maintain (had mine since the 70's).
  8. flourchild

    flourchild New Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    Thanks guy's the shop has had it for 2 weeks now without even a word on being able to fix it or estimate on the cost so I'm going to pick it back up tomorrow and just replace the springs and firing pin myself as I've seen parts are still available anyone have any schematics on it by chance? bobs gun shop has an exploded veiw but is only blurry when printed . Thanks again for all your help.
  9. Trigger

    Trigger New Member

    Mar 31, 2010
    Ive had one for 30 years or so.
    Although I don't shoot it a lot it has never failed to fire.
    I shot some ammo from 1999 through it a couple weeks ago.
    I was offered $75 for it recently, have seen them sell for $125 and up in nice shape.
    They actually have a small cult following it seems.

    Neat little thing. Definitely worth spending a little bit of $$ on if you like guns.
  10. dogngun

    dogngun New Member

    Nov 5, 2006
    Berks County, PA
    I have owned several, both Italian made and the post '68 version made in Florida. They have a very good reputation as reliable, safe and even accurate little pistols, way beyond what their cost was.
    Most problems I have seen with them stem from mags that are just a little off - some are a bit too short, some just not quite the right shape and require a little bending to get the cartridges to feed right.

    I know of one that has been a constant daily carry gun for over 40 years and serves with no problems. I'd get it fixed and keep it.


    Added: FWIW< I have owned .25 Berettas that were not as good shooters, nor as reliable.
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  11. fleetwood1976

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    Feb 22, 2009
    Southern Indiana
    I just paid $100 for an FIE Titan which I believe is the same also. Very nice little toy. this one was in very nice shape, most are beat up from pocket and glove box carry. I would deem it reliable but not practical for defense.
  12. tojoknom

    tojoknom New Member

    Apr 17, 2010
    I was given one to look at, to see what was wrong with it, firing in full auto, turns out the firing pin was mushroomed, trigger was broke needed recoil spring assembly, and a new safety. bought my parts form Bob's only cause Numrich didnt have the spring. still waiting on the parts. owner of the gun said throw it away. parts seem simple Numerich has a bigger blow up of the parts so far looking forward to getting it back togeather. for 50 bucks.
  13. flourchild

    flourchild New Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    well the smithy finally got her done said it was only some burs stopping the firing pin from extending out enough for the hammer to hit no parts needed said the pistol was still sound and in excellent condition he dressed up the burs and it fires like new $35:D. He let go a few rounds through her and made me an offer to buy it I declined I love the little guy I'll never get rid of it. Thanks for all your help guy's that Numrich site is great way better blow up schematics and multi makes and models too thanks again see you at the range;)
  14. mlmahon

    mlmahon New Member

    Nov 18, 2010
    Port Neches, Texas
    I've had this Targa GT-27 for 33 years. Bought it new for $33.95 plus tax in 1977 (still have the original receipt). I just found it after misplacing it for about 10 years or so. It wouldn't chamber a round because of a stuck (disfigured) firing pin due to being dry fired and lost for so long. I was able to extract the damaged firing pin with great difficulty and ordered a couple of replacement firing pins from Bob's gun parts web site. A gunsmith friend de-burred, honed and polished the slide and fitted the new firing pin for me in 5 minutes. Didn't charge me anything since I also bought a $25 DeSantis SuperFly pocket/wallet holster from him. (It's perfect, undetectable in my hip pocket).

    Took it to the range last Saturday and shot about a 100 rounds through it. No malfunctions. Shot a 5 inch group at 21 feet. I love this little gun. I even found some self-defense polymer filled JHP rounds for it. Best $34 I ever spent. I'll be carrying it full time from now on.

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  15. dlacroix01

    dlacroix01 New Member

    Jan 12, 2011
    Good Day,
    I have a excam gt 27 and need some parts. Primarily I need a safety. The gun I was given did not have one. I have tried Bob's and Numerich, but they did not have one, and did not know where I might find one. Bob's had one listed, but he said he no longer had any.