F.B. RADOM VIS Mod. 35.Pat.Nr.15567. Value/History?

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  1. John Mfn Smith

    John Mfn Smith New Member

    Feb 1, 2009
    This is my first time posting to your forum, and I hope you don't mind a request for some information on my new firearm. I went to a gun show today, and couldn't stop looking at this F.B. Radom VIS. I ended up buying, and have been researching them all evening.

    From what I can gather, this is a Stage II Radom VIS pistol from WWII. It does not sport the Polish Radom Eagle on it, but rather the German acceptance stamps and swastikas. It has the dis assembly lever, and de cocking lever, but no slot for extra long stock. I have a few questions about this pistol, and would be greatly appreciative if you could lend some of your experience to me.

    1. I matched the Serial numbers on the Slide, and Stock.
    I read that there is also a serial number on the barrel? I checked for this, and found a swastika on one side of the lug and what appears to be a 3 digit number right above it. The numbers are not alpha numeric, and already to big to be the 5 character serial number that I found on the slide and stock.
    I also read that there is a serial number in one other place on the firearm. There is a 4 digit alpha numeric number on safety switch, but once again, it isn't the 5 digits as the slide and stock serial number.
    Is this gun already pieced together?

    2. I have been to bookstores already this evening, and scoured the internet for photos and information on this gun. I have yet to see one with white grips. The guy at the gun show told me that the gun was probably issued to an officer, or a tank commander, as to explain the rare grips.
    I have posted a picture of the pistols clip chamber to show the rib cage of the grips. I figured this would help the experts determine whether or not this was an original grip.

    3. I spoke with another dealer at the gun show about the gun. (It was hilarious to me how many people just wanted to talk to you if you had a gun in your hand. "What'ya toting there boy?") This other dealer told me that the gun would be worth twice as much as I paid if it hadn't been touched already. When I asked him to explain, he said that the gun had been re blued.
    Is there an accurate way to tell if it has been re blued, or was he making an assumption.


    Other than that all that,

    The gun's serial number on the slide and stock is W9981. I have read that the manufacturers went through the alphabet multiple times when stamping these serial numbers.

    Mechanically, seems to function pretty well. The slide pulls back pretty smooth, and the de cock lever works perfectly. I loaded it up with 9mm Luger cart. and it fed smooth as well.

    The condition of the gun is questionable as I am no expert when classifying firearms. Especially 60 year old ones! There are signature machining marks on the bottom of the slide.

    Here are the pictures of the weapon, I hope they are decent enough quality for you.

    Once again, thanks in advance,
    John Smith

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  2. wonderwhippet

    wonderwhippet Active Member

    Jan 10, 2003
    John, let me compliment you on your thorough description of this Radom pistol. I can't add much to what you already know, except to tell you that it is difficult to tell if this pistol has been reblued just by looking at your photos. However, any experienced gun enthusiast can usually tell if the finish is original. Perhaps if you could give us sharper photos we could tell you more. You may have neglected to put your camera into "Macro" mode, thereby causing the closeup photos to be blurred. As for the grips, I am sorry to tell you that the dealer's story about the grips is a total fabrication. Radoms never came with white grips. Unfortunately, they are post war reproductions, probably made by Franzite.
  3. John Mfn Smith

    John Mfn Smith New Member

    Feb 1, 2009
    Thanks for replying Wonder, You were spot on about my grips.

    With the thought that they might be repro, it made me a little less timid to take them apart. They turned out to be franzite just like you said.

    I would assume this would compromise the value of this Pistol substantially. I took those pictures in a rush last night with my cell phone, so no macro mode there.

    I will try to take some more detailed pictures of it tonight.

    Once again, thanks for the reply.
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