Fall Turkey Hunt- any tips?

Discussion in 'The Hunting & Fishing Forum' started by garydude, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. garydude

    garydude Member

    Tomorrow my father and I head out to hunt turkey in the wilds of northern AZ. We've done it in the past as a family but the only successful hunter so far has been my mother. She essentially fell asleep propped up against a tree, woke up surrounded by turkeys and then blasted one. I would love it to be this easy for me, but I seriously doubt it.

    I've read about trying to find a roost tree and waiting by watering holes, and intend on trying these. I also understand that calling will not work in the fall.

    Any other tips from learned fall turkey hunters?
  2. garydude

    garydude Member

    Just returned from our hunt last night and sadly no turkeys. Again we were close but were unable to bag the elusive beasts.

    It still was a fabulous time! We stumbled upon a bobcat that was most surprised to see us. We saw lots of bear tracks and heard many elk bugling and looking for love. Squirrels by the bushel were to be had for those interested.

    This pic represents the closest I managed to get to the turkeys. He passed by my route about 20 minutes before I did.

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  3. robman2629

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    Sep 8, 2012
    Turkey season opens here on Saturday. Hoping to have some good luck. This will be my first fall turkey hunt. Good luck to you.
  4. garydude

    garydude Member

    Thanks for the good wishes but I'll have to save them for next time.

    A few tips for you- if at all possible go with an experienced hunter who has been successful at fall turkey. I've spoken with a couple of others about how they managed to get their turkeys and most just drove around looking for them, then would bust the flock and then either pursue them or wait until they rejoined each other. I tried sitting water holes to no effect, and I was unable to find a roost tree, although I surely looked.

    Be sure to have camo head to toe; have your gun positioned for a shot even when just waiting. They have excellent color vision.

    Good luck to you! If you get one be sure to post about it with tons of pics.

  5. tim peterson

    tim peterson Member

    Oct 2, 2008
    Howdy Garydude thats good advice. When I hunt in the fall we try to find a flock to break up at sunrise. some times we walk or run to the trees the birds are rousting in. That takes some pre season scoutting and they dont always come back.I would love to have a dog that could run in and bust up the turkeys. Any way we do very little or no calling. Some times we just repeat the call that there useing softly. Good luck in the futcher and have fun.
  6. robman2629

    robman2629 Active Member

    Sep 8, 2012
    Thanks Gary, will do! Im hoping to have better luck this season than in the Spring.
  7. ka64

    ka64 Well-Known Member

    Fall Turkey Hunt- any tips?

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  8. jerry52

    jerry52 Former Guest

    Jan 22, 2013
    Wait till the coupons come out. and if your lucky sometimes they give you a free one when you buy a certain amount of groceries for the month.
  9. catfish83861

    catfish83861 Active Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    North Idaho
    Good advice I think. :cool: Today I had 22 Turkeys in my yard. The Turkey in my freezer is a 24 pound butterball. We will have it later this spring fried in the deep fat fryer. I do like them that way and it really does not take that long to do one for a family get together. But hunting them is a lot of fun even if you don't get one. hunting with your folks is an absolute blessing,wish my daddy was still alive so I could let him shoot one around here. Not in my yard but I know where some others are most of the time.
  10. sceeder

    sceeder Member

    Dec 19, 2012
    We walked through the woods while doing a yelp call and always scored.
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