father-in-law's firearms

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  1. redcloudisalive

    redcloudisalive New Member

    Feb 18, 2004
    I would appreciate your asssistance in determmining general value and/or utility of these firarms. None have been fired in around 30 years, but were cared for.

    1.) Remington 870 12G, wood and bluing showing minor, normal wear, with slug barrel (with open sights), serial #S272399V

    2.) Winchester Model 17 12G. wood showing minor wear of normal use, bluning very good except slight wear on receiver, has adjustable sights attached to muzzle, serial #21203

    3.) Browning semiauto .22 rifle (magazine loads from the side of the stock, no model # seen, made in Belguim, no sights but has scope mounting base attached, wood and bluing with minor wear, receiver and trigger guard with some engraving, serial #7866

    4.) S&W 38 special (CTQ?), wooden grips are checkered, and is good shape as is the bluing, K frame, serial # 322284

    5.) A very small, black semiauto pistol, marked made in Belguim, also marked with "cal 6 m/m 35" on breech, very good condition, no model or serial number can be found by me

    Please help, thanx.

  2. Xracer

    Xracer *TFF Admin Staff Mediator*

    1.) Remington 870. There's a whole bunch of different 870s listed, but ballpark estimate in "Good" condition....$150-300.

    2.) Winchester Model 17 ????? Don't know of a Model 17.

    3.) BAR 22 - "Good" condition.....$150-200

    4.) S&W 38 Special (CTQ?)...that CTQ is probably CTG meaning 38 Special Cartridge. Way too many S&W 38 Special K-frames to even hazard a guess here. Open the cylinder and look on the crane. Any numbers there? Also need barrel length.

    5.) Probably going to need a picture for this one. Does it look like this? http://www.loni.hr/browning/browbaby/browbaby.htm

  3. redcloudisalive

    redcloudisalive New Member

    Feb 18, 2004
    father-in-laws firearms

    Thanx for the response. The winchester shotgun is a Model 17 (thought I might have misread Model 12, so I rechecked. The 38 special has a 3" barrel. the browning semiautomatic is just as in the link you provided.

  4. Xracer

    Xracer *TFF Admin Staff Mediator*

    2.) Still can't find a Winchester Model 17 in any of my books.

    4.) Still need a model # here. There are an awful lot of different K-Frames in .38 Spl. Check for numbers on the crane.

    5.) This either a "Vest Pocket Colt", a "Baby Browning" or a cheap knockoff. Assuming 70-80% condition...if it's marked "Colt".....$200-225.....if it's marked "FN" (Fabrique Nationale)...$200-225. If it's marked "Browning Arms Co.".....$150-180. If it has no manufacturer's markings, it's a cheap knockoff....$60-75
  5. 1) Agree with Xracer on the Remington 870.

    2) Winchester never made a Model 17 shotgun.

    3) That's NOT a BAR-22. It is a Browning takedown .22 rifle, made in Belgium. Value $250 with bluing wear.

    4) Smith and Wesson did not start using model numbers until 1957. Guns made before that obviously would not have model numbers inside the crane or anywhere else. The gun is probably the .38 Hand Ejector Military & Police, 4th change, c.1940. That was not offered with a 3" barrel, but I bet RedCloud is measuring from the muzzle to the front of the frame rather than to the actual barrel face. If I'm right, $200-$300.

    5) Would need more information. ALL Browning and FN pocket models were serialized and appropriately marked. Possibly a horrendous reblue has ruined the markings?
  6. redcloudisalive

    redcloudisalive New Member

    Feb 18, 2004
    Sorry fellows, was not paying attention. The browning pistol is like new and in its original zippered leather pouch, perhaps I am not looking in the right places for a serial #. The model 17 is a Remington and is in 20 G.Given its serial # probably circa 1920,s. It is in excellent shape now that I have seen it more carefully. And you are right about the barrel measuring on the 38 special.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. redcloudisalive

    redcloudisalive New Member

    Feb 18, 2004
    Forgot about the browning .22. The bluing is in excellent condition. 2 barrels- one with scope base attached to the barrel, one with open sights.

    Sorry fo9r being a nuisance.

  8. The Remington Model 17, around $300.

    If you mean a complete second front end to the Browning rifle, add another $150 or so.

    If the Browning pistol has a grip safety, it is the Vest Pocket model. If not, it is the 'Baby.' There are certain subvariants of these two models that have different valuation. Serial numbers generally appear on the left side of the frame or on the front of the frame underneath the trigger guard.
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