father shot son

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    There is a lot more to this story that we don't know, and may never know!


    The son, Tyler, and his sister, were adopted by Jeffery Giuliano 4 years ago. Shortly after the shooting Jeffery Giuliano, feared it was his son he had shot, but he didn't receive confirmation for at least several hours, Zingaro said. The fears, Zingaro said, were based on the fact that Giuliano learned his son was missing and other reasons the attorney would not discuss, citing the ongoing investigation.

    It's those other reasons I would like to know about!
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    I read about that in the san antonio express news days ago. The guy felt really bad about it.
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    The same thing happened in Chicago this week. A retired cop shot his son and killed him. He thought he was breaking in also.

    Losing a child is a very hard thing to get past but when it comes from your own hands I don't think you will ever get past it.
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    Well, kids that are supposedly not hanging out with the bad crowd can still be doing something. Someone else mentioned that they just haven't been caught. I agree. And, someone mentioned video games. Hell, I know there are kids that would shoot or stab someone for a new video game. I would bet anything on that fact. I like video games too, but geez some people are CRAZY! I got a new video game and have played it quite a bit. My character was only 10th level in the game and TONS of people have already finished the game! I felt I had probably spent too much time playing since the game hasn't been out too long and people have killed the game off already!!
    I had a kid in my H.S. class that wasn't ever in too much trouble. But, he ended up burglarizing his grandparents home and getting caught. Went to prison. Guess he was hooked on drugs.
    You just never know in our world today. It is kind of depressing and people use stuff to fill their time up so they don't have to think about the ultra-rich people hosing us each day.
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    A shotgun -
    Close range -
    Shot three times -

    Let us pray that this man is able to somehow get past this -
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    Reading different news reports, I find it was:
    A shotgun
    A handgun

    Which was:
    Legally registered
    under investigation to determine if it was registered

    The shooting occurred:
    Inside the neighbors home
    Outside the neighbors home

    The boy was:
    Armed with a knife
    holding "something shiny"

    The father is:
    not being charged
    Under investigation

    Is it ANY wonder that the news media completely failed to expose all the crap about the Anointed One prior to the election four years ago?
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    I'm not surprised at all, typical media BS.
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