FDR's "Prayer" on June 6, 1944...

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    Sean Hannity played the actual recording of FDR's address to the nation the evening of D-Day, where he asked the whole nation to join him in prayer, and then gave it as his prayer...and it was so eerie, even spine-tingling, and touching hearing him speak the words I had to find a station that had him on time delay to hear it again.

    First, it gave you a lump in your throat, listening to it as it must have sounded with soldiers still being killed on Omaha, or in the causways behind it...it made you proud to be an American.

    Then after hearing it a second time, you can only wonder.....

    What the HELL happened to Democrats like that? Not ONE of the crew running for the Democratic Presidential nomination today COULD have, or WOULD have given that speech, even IF the ACLU wouldn't have sued because of the "Prayer...."

    But anyway, Newt Gingrich was on before and after it played, and told Hannity a US Senator was reading FDR's Prayer into the record today in the Senate, and a US Representative was doing the same in the House, and they all are trying to make June 6th into a "National WWII Day of Remembrence," and Hannity pledged to play FDR's Prayer every June 6th from now on.

    A FITTING Tribute, in my book. Both to those that died that day, and those WWII vets that survived that are now dying at around 1000 per day....

    RIP, Guys. And THANKS for all you did.
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