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  1. detroit25

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    Jan 23, 2008
    I was talking to my local police dept and found they carry .45 acp 230gr. Federal HST. I was looking online and found that it says "Law Enforcement Ammunition" My CCW class recommended using the same ammo as the local police dept. Is there a commercial brand comperable to the HST or can I buy HST?

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    Oct 26, 2007

  3. detroit25

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    Jan 23, 2008
    If we can buy it why does it say "for law enforcement"??? I only care because I wonder how it would look in court if this ammo choice needed to be defended.
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  4. Detroit, I get the same argument when I tell people I carry a Glock with a trigger bar that makes the trigger pull lighter. No matter what you are carrying and what it is loaded with, Chances are that you are gonna end up in civil court anyways. Like you said your local LEO carries it so that in itself is a good argument for your defense.
  5. Con1

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    Aug 18, 2008
    I bought Federal HST for my department two years ago. Since making that purchase, I have read a couple of articles in the firearms magazines re: +P ammo for the .45 ACP.

    I don't remember the exact magazines but I get COP, Guns and Weapons, Tactical Weapons etc. Try googling these and see what comes up. But, I have gone back to standard Hydra Shok for our .45 ACP's and 9mm's.

    Due to the recommendation of some members of our LEO academy firearms team, I have tried the 147 grain HS. Prior to trying the HST, I purchased 124 grain HS for our 9's. My department has never fired a shot in anger in the seven years we've existed. Hopefully we won't have to. Our local P.D. has had 10 or 12 on-duty shootings in the past twenty-one years. All were one shot stops. All used the .45 ACP Federal Hydra Shok, 230 grain. All were Sig P220's. The hits were all center mass and not one of those rounds completely penetrated the body. We have had two 12 gauge shootings. But those are different stories.

    For my money, I'll stick with standard Hydra Shok. I know for a fact it works in .45 ACP.
  6. It's cheaper to make than Hydrashock, so it's easier to win contracts with public agencies with a lower priced product. It's not a lower quality product, by any means, and there's some suggestion that the hydrashock thing is in part a marketing device. I use it myself, because it is good enough and it's a lot cheaper. If you have friends who are cops, here's a pointer: they can get it a lot cheaper than you can, and it's not a violation of any federal law to resell it without a FFL.
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