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  1. gunlearner

    gunlearner New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    ok. you say "train as you would fight" and i don't agree with a bunch of people i know that do lot of i would say idpa with practical shooting.
    now if the rules in ecuador are that you can only carry up to 10 rounds shouldn't i train with only 1 mag and the same way i carry my pistol???
    please if am wrong let me know but for me is logical

    i saw one of guys that trains and he was carrying a cz75b inside his shirt (i guess was one of those straps that goes around your stomach) and with out one in the chamber and he critisized me for carring a pancake holster and one on the chamber. and what he told me was that he can pull his gun, rack it and fire under 2 seconds, (bullsh...) i thought.

    my thoughts were
    first he doesn't practice the same way he carries it. that was a fact
    second his pistol was so close to hes armpet that the movement of his arm was so high that seemed very unconfortable.
    his shirt was too long.
    and forth the stress situation will never be the same

    i guess the question would be
    practice idpa according to the laws of your country and styles of carrying or practice according to the rules of the game???
    personaly i rather practice my way (using all the facts from laws and rules of engagement of my country)

    sorry for the bad spelling
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  2. patrol

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    May 19, 2007
    It sucks you live somewhere where they legislate you can only have a ten round magazine. So I guess the criminals will want to obey the law and have shoot outs with one ten round magazine now. That's real bright. Stupid guncontrol laws are communist. As to you comment about carrying with one in the chamber I highly suggest that be the normal carry. As for the condition two carry then racking the slide and sending rounds down range in less than two ofcourse it's not bullshit. I can do that now and could when I was a marine as well with a 1911 but I dont suggest anyone carry condition two anymore unless they have no choice. To many other factors to worry about when the **** hits the fan with having to rack a slide as well, heck safties are bad enough much less racking on the rise to fire.

    The gun is a machine though and it can way out perform any human as far as speed in firing. I think the fastest ive ever fired on our police f.a.t.s machine hitting a subject center mass four times from holster to completing the deadly shot placement completely was in 1.34 seconds four rounds fired dead center with a Glock 22. I can do it faster with the gun already at my side out of the holster though.

  3. gunlearner

    gunlearner New Member

    Feb 14, 2007
    my friend patrol i think you can do that under two seconds but this guy had the pistol inside his shirt and the handle close to his armpit so even with my small knowledge on weapons i know he will have to pull his shirt way high and lift his elbow so hi can pull the weapon out and then rack it.

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