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  1. Pro-Gun"Liberal"

    Pro-Gun"Liberal" New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    North Carolina
    Hello, all. I am new to the forum and just wanted make a post about a new weapon I purchased.

    I picked up an FEG PA-63 from the gun show this weekend, and I couldn't be happier with it! I bought 100 rounds of Brown Bear 9x18 steel cased ammo with it and went to a friend's house with a big back yard to giver the new girl a thorough test.

    93 problem-free rounds later, I am happy to report that I love this gun! (I saved one clip full, as an empty gun is just an expensive paper-weight, right?) There has been much debate over whether or not hollow points are necessary in this weapon. Detractors say the round won't fully expand, while defenders say they will, and that FMJ's are ineffective as a man-stopper. And, there has been several comments about hollow points do not feed well in this weapon. Does any one have anything they would like to add to this?

    In any account, I think I made a good choice. This gun is much easier for me to conceal than my Bersa 9mm mini-thunder. It not only slips into most of my bigger pocketed pants, but it also fits nicely in my waist-band with the holster I picked up for 12 bucks. I was between the FEG and the Bersa thunder .380. I think I made the better choice, considering the 60 dollar savings and the higher velocity of the Makarov round.

    And don't get me wrong... I LOVE my Bersa Mini thunder 9mm. It has never failed me with over 1000 rounds though the barrel. It is just too bulky for concealed carry. It has become my "house gun" and the FEG will travel with me when I can afford to acquire the CCW permit.

    So, what ammo do any of you suggest for self-defense in the FEG?
  2. mark_baron

    mark_baron New Member

    Since we are talking about the FEG PA-63 I will re-post my message of about a year or two ago:

    I ringed the barrel of my FEG PA-63 (makarov). I kept the gun in my car (lots of thermal cycles in Florida) for more than a year. When I went to the range I used spare mags with target ammo. One day I decided to use the good stuff (CorBon) that was in the gun. The first shot was kind of funny but made a hole in the paper so I went for the second. Loud bang, really hurt and gun almost fell out of my hand. On checking the ammo left in clip, I noticed the hollow points were somewhat deformed (no longer round holes) and some rounds were actually further depressed into the shell. Not exactly sure what caused the damage to the ammo. Needless to say, I have discontinued the practice of using that type of ammo in vehicle (note to self: don't use so much gun oil). The barrel was ringed just where the slide goes back to its full action, so basically the gun was functional but I could not get the slide back far enough to remove it. I fixed the gun by carefully cutting the barrel off twice. Once to get the slide off and then cutting again to cut the bulge off. Then I drove out the stub of the barrel and replaced the barrel. Gun now works fine. I now use military sealed ball ammo in that gun (because I still leave it in the car) and have not had any further problems. Tough little gun.

    By the way it is still one of my carry guns. I use a fanny pack (it's Florida, it's still in the low 90's, not a lot of clothes to hide it under and I just look like a tourist) made by StelthPack.

    So if you store the gun in a temperature controlled environment and inspect the ammo regularly, you could use the hollow point self-defense ammo with out any problems.

  3. Pro-Gun"Liberal"

    Pro-Gun"Liberal" New Member

    Jan 31, 2011
    North Carolina
    Wow, after that story, I'm just glad you didn't get hurt. Isn't keeping ammo in a high-heat area kind of frowned upon anyways? I though temperature extremes could degrade the quality of the powder.
  4. mark_baron

    mark_baron New Member

    You are correct but it does not seem to bother the Russian military ball ammo I keep in it. (Temperature extremes in Florida car: ~28F to ~150F but not in the same day)

    I did not get hurt because the gun is so well built, I believe.
  5. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    Try some Hornady Critical Defense ammo in that new toy. They work in guns that won't usually do well with hollow points.
  6. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    Not the same gun, but I keep a CZ-82 (9x18) in the pocket of my car door at all times. Once or twice a year, I take it out when I am at the range a put a few rounds trough it just to be sure. It has never failed me.
  7. fleetwood1976

    fleetwood1976 Well-Known Member

    Feb 22, 2009
    Southern Indiana
    ditto on 9x18 hornady critical defense. I have 2 pa-63's, 1 pmk .380 and 1 ap-mbp 32acp all FEG's and all have been good performers. the 9-18 is a peppy round in that 63.
  8. hackercat13

    hackercat13 New Member

    Jan 13, 2011
    Washington State
    I am a big fan of FMJ rounds. It's a bit of a holdover from my Army days, but...no issue of early expansion, no fear of heavy clothing or cell phone, ipod etc significantly affecting penetration. 95 grain FMJ from a .380, very similar round will penetrate 16 inches of ballistic gel. That's good enough for me, and they feed every time!
  9. sirtendeth

    sirtendeth New Member

    Jul 30, 2012
    I see that no body has posted this topic for awhile so thought I would add a little note. I bought a pa63, in new condition, about a year ago. I like this gun very much to just plunk with though I also us it as a car gun. I have put about 400 rnds of various kinds through it with no problems. Tryed both silver bear & brown bear (both too dirty), hornady, fiocchi, winchester, remington, etc. Have had no issues with any except it seems to be a little dirty with any. Also made the switch to a 15 lb recoil spring. The last 2 times I have taken it out to shoot the slide has been jamming & not wanting to close or open after pushing closed with my thumbs. The 1st time when I got home I ALMOST could not get the slide open to take it apart to clean. I found when I cleaned it that the slide was dragging on the very rear of the top of the frame, right side. So I had to lightly sand & polish this spot so it would move freely. Took it out again, after about a dozen rnds it started again. After I finished the 3 full mags (21 rounds) I quit again. Went home & had FILE & polish about .010"-.015" more off the same spot. Went out today & shot 3 more mags & noticed, while looking at the rear of the gun, that the right side of the frame just at the top of the groove the slide rides in was CRACKED. When I got home & cleaned it I could see a crack running just at the top of & in the groove about an inch long almost clear to the cross pin in front of the hammer. I do not know what caused it. I have been shooting up my silver bear ammo as I dont like it, dirty. I have not been using any 'hot' ammo, even the 2 mags of hornady was very early on. I now have a useless gun with 2 new sets of $75 custom grips, 4 extra mags, holster, springs (recoil & hammer), ammo, etc. I dont know weather to buy another one & try again or try to sell it for parts. I really like this gun but dont know if I want to gamble another $200 -/+. Has anyone else ever heard of this problem? HELP. Please .George.
  10. al45lc

    al45lc Active Member

    Mar 8, 2010
    colorful colorado
    If the importer is still doing business find out where to send it and get it repaired first.
    I've owned an FEG SMC-380 (ppk copy) for 20 years and thousands of rounds with no problems, yours may just be a fluke.
  11. SARGE7402

    SARGE7402 Member

    Dec 26, 2009
    First for Mark Baron's experience. High Temps alone probably did not cause the problem. It was more than likely a combination of commercial ammo, high temps and gun oil. Commercial ammo differs from military in one major way. Military ammo is usually sealed with a varnish/shellack/coating that prevents moisture and oils from getting in to the powder. Most commercial ammo doesn't have that protection. Many of todays oils are "penetrating" type. Back in the 60's my dad would us penetrating oil on rusted up nuts and bolts. A couple of drops and a hour or so later the nut would come off easily. These oils are meant to get into very tiny places. His first round was most likely a squib that left the bullet somewhere (probably around where the ring was) in the barrel. The next full power load put both rounds out the barrel and bulged it.

    As far as what ammo to carry in your new FEG, there are two groups of thought. Hollow point and hard ball. Both have their pro's and cons. Ball ammo feeds slightly more reliably than any hollow point. Secondly there are states like NJ where civilians can not own hollow points for pistols. Third they do tend to penetrate deeper. Hollow points have a higher rate of single shot stops than ball. However, please note that after the first shot follow up shots don't really matter since the shot individual's system has kicked in and is prodcing adrenolin and his tolernces for pain are much higher. Second and follow on shots need to be accurate and clip the nervous system - spine/brain or heart - or punch a hole in his heart or major blood vessel so he bleeds out quickly.

    My FEG SMC is in 9x18 and feeds both russian and us ball very nicely. Oh my first round up the spout is a Glasser safety slug.:D
  12. gdmoody

    gdmoody Moderator Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2007
    Athens, Georgia
    Since the time that I made that post last year I have started reloading my 9x18. I am away from home right now so I don't have the exact load information, but I have been loading a Hornady 90 grain XTP bullet with Win 231 powder and I am getting good results with them. No malfunctions of any kind with them.
  13. Mach2

    Mach2 New Member

    Nov 5, 2012
    The stress fracture occurred due to a worn out recoil spring. Always replace the recoil spring on C&R pistols before you test them. The cardinal sign of a weak recoil spring is brass being ejected long distances. If the brass doesn't fall near you change the spring before you put stress fractures in the frame or slide.
  14. RJay

    RJay Well-Known Member

    Feb 22, 2004
    Goodyear, Arizona
    The PA-63 has a Aluminum frame, I really don't consider it a " range gun or a pinking gun. While doing some work on mine I found the aluminum to be very soft, not hardened aluminum.
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