1. LabHunter

    LabHunter New Member

    Apr 14, 2003
    I have been recently given a FIAS OU 20 gauge shotgun. It is a nice looking shotgun and appears to be well made. It has chrome lined barrels and case colored action. It's stamped on the barrel that it was imported by Kassnar Imports of Harrisburg Pa. It has sentimental value so I'm not really looking for how much it's worth. I am interested in knowing something about manufacture and dependablity. Anyone know anything about this make of shotgun?
  2. FIAS stands for "Fabrica Italiana Armi Sabatti", so the gun was made by Sabatti in the Gardone (Val Trompia) region of Italy. Sabatti is an old-line Italian gunmaker, and their guns are now being imported by European American Armory (EAA).

    The Sabatti guns imported by Kassnar and now by EAA are good-quality guns without the expensive hand-fitting and engraving of the higher-end models. As long as you maintain it properly, it will last a lifetime. Be careful, though, as parts availability is almost nonexistant.

  3. sestis

    sestis New Member

    Jan 20, 2009
    I have a Fias 12ga. o/u imported by Kassner that I purchased new in 1972. It is very well balanced and seems to come up nicer than my Browning Belgium. I have had some mechanical issues about 10 years ago (it was doubling) that I had corrected. No ejectors although it was an option. I'm thinking of selling it now. It is in 95%+ condition. sestis
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