Finally got my K98k to the range!!

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  1. I managed to find a box of 7.92mm ammo that was affordable at a local flea market this past Saturday, so I took my 1940 Nazi-marked K98k to the range. I was only planning of putting 10 rounds through it, but ended up using all 20, plus running a box of 50 through my P99:D Recoil was a lot less than I was anticipating, actually on par with the plesant little thump my old SMLE No4 Mk1 used to give me. The firing pin hit all 20 primers pretty much dead center, and the bolt worked smoothly with no problems. The only problem I had was with the sights, how the Germans ever used those sights I'll never know! They are terrible! I"m 30, and with my contact lenses I have 20-20 vision or better (yes, the eye doctor tested me on the 20-15 line with these contacts and I was close), but I felt like I was going crosseyed trying to sight in on the target. When I could get my eyes around those horrid sights, I could produce some very nice groups, so I know that the bore in this rifle just doesn't LOOK great. But, on a man-sized and shaped target, I counted 20 holes. I think with a halfway decent scope, this rifle will be a naildriver. I've been looking at a scout mount/long-eye relief scope combo on for $109. Anybody have any experience with that site or with scout mounts for the K98? I can live with replacing the rear sight with a bolt-on scope mount so I can restore the rifle to milspec condition, but I WILL NOT do any permanent alterations to the rifle. All in all, a very nice day spent with my two German friends :D:D
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    My favourite rifle has to be my WW2 K98, though re barreled by the Israelis to 7.62x51.

    It is just easy to shoot well and very very accurate. I did try with a long eye relief scope mounted on the rear sight position but never got on with it, so have stayed with open iron. The rifle is so good though I still manage to outshoot some of the scoped boys.

  3. I could live with replacing the rear sights with an apature sight. The standard sights are horrid to me. Maybe with more practice *shrugs* But actually firing the rifle was great. I believe I've fallen in love with the 7.92x57 :D Now if only I could find a semiauto in the same caliber....hmmm....the choices seem limited....the Hakim...or Zastava M76.
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    Have to agree with you on the sights. On a bright day you can pick the fly @#^* out of the pepper. On an overcast day they are too fine. Your vision has a lot to do with it. At 20-20 you will have focus problems and @ 20-15 they will be multiplied because the rear sight is closer to you.
    I had some surgery on my eyes and before I got my new glasses I could see the rear sight more clearly.
    I have no first hand knowledge of the scope you want to use, but the guys on the collecting and shooting the milsurp rifle forum would be a good starting place.
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